Top 10 Wired Reader Self-Portraits

The Risk of Entropy. Submitted by Marshall Marice.

Over the last two weeks, readers have shown themselves through their own – often twisted – eyes and picked the best of their peers.

Wrong Era. Submitted by Baron Von Foss.
“Born in the wrong era.”

Floaty. Submitted by drBenMonkey.
“Floaty Nikon D50, Sigma 10-20mm fun.”

Fog at Night. Submitted by James Clarke.
“This was taken at around 2 a.m. on a foggy night.”

AmsterS@m’s Bad Hair Day. Submitted by AmsterS@m.
“Shadow of myself standing under a tree, taken with my Sony Ericsson S700i mobile phone cam.”

“Alice”. Submitted by Brooke Grace.

Midnight Snack. Submitted by Mary M. Crawford.
“There’s nothing quite like eating ice cream straight from the carton. This was shot as part of my 365 project last year.”

ME 2. Submitted by Mikael Jaeger Jensen.
“Just wanted to see what I looked like! Kind of forgot my sense of self.”

El Yesi. Submitted by J. Yesi Orihuela.
“Photograph of my devices displaying my self-portrait.”

Smoke on the Water. Submitted by Patrick Taschler.
“Sticking your head in an aquarium is harder than it seems, with all the water rushing up your nose and into your ears. And of course, that’s exactly when the IR remote stops working. The ‘smoke’ is milk.”

Via Wired.