10 Houses, of Which You Will Be Dream All Life-Long and One You Want to Get Immediately

I have made a selection of the great-designed and situated living houses worldwide. But not shure about to buy one of those, strictly! Check my favorite ‘Izba’-syle house in the end of the post.

1. Torque House.

Torque House is a three-story, 134-pyeong (1 pyeong equals 3.3 square meters) building that contains living space for four family members, with workspace for both the husband, who is a sound engineer, and his wife, who is a painter.

It took two years to complete, from design to construction, and in the process created a synthesis through clashes between several pairs of contrasting dynamics.

Location: 1652-261 Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Company: Mass Studies

2. Neutra VDL Residences.

Seventy-five years ago, in Los Angeles, with a no-interest loan from Dutch philanthropist Dr CH Van Der Leeuw, Viennese-American architect Richard Neutra built a radical “glass house” with rooftop and balcony gardens on Silverlake Boulevard.

It was designed to accommodate his office and two families on a small 60 x 70 foot lot. Seven years later, as his family expanded, he built a garden house on the back of the lot. This compact wing had walls that slid open onto a pocket garden to be shared by the addition and main house.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Architector: Richard Neutra

3. Rotating Colani Rotor House.

Compact four-rooms-in-one house. Designer Luigi Colani has created a space-saving house with a six square meter cylinder inside that contains a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

The cylinder rotates left or right bringing the room you want into view of the main living room.

Architector: Luigi Colani for Hanse Haus.
Via mocoloco.

4. ZeroHouse.

Ever dreamed of owning a completely self-sufficient home that produces its own energy, water, and is completely customizable?

New York architect Scott Specht has the answer to all of our zero-energy prefab dreams with the new ZeroHouse™.

This completely self-sustaining prefabricated house generates its own power, collects its own water, processes its own waste and is 100% automatic.

Architector: Scott Specht.
Via Inhabitat.

5. Residencia RR.

Just off the Brazilian coast in São Paulo, architect Andrade Morettin has created Residencia RR – a stunning summer abode nestled amidst the dense vegetation and semi-tropical, hot, humid climate of Itamambuca in the state’s north coast.

Responding to the local environment, House RR is selectively protected from and open to the elements.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil.
Company: Andrade Morettin Arquitectos.
Via Inhabitat.

6. Snee-oosh

The Snee-oosh cabin by Zero Plus Architects is a getaway from urban Seattle in what Zero Plus hopes will become a style of new modern reservation architecture.

The cabin is an assembled lean-to that works with the 100’ fir trees that surrounded it.

Location: Seattle, USA.
Company: Zero Plus Architects.
Via mocoloco.

7. OKO House.

The OKO House is a modular pre-fabricated design aimed initially at the European and North American housing market and to be developed for other global locations.

It will be constructed from benign materials produced locally to the site of fabrication and perform to very low/’zero’ energy standards. Ideally the house should be CO2 neutral.

The house costs about $170,000 (this does not include land cost).

Location: Worldwide.
Company: Youmeheshe.

8. Casa Buzeta.

Casa Buzeta is a vacations family home located south of Maitencillo, over a creek 120mts high from the sea.

Since the place presents excellent conditions for kite diving, the house structure has a volume that confronts the wind, boosting the slope and generating a striking sight of the sea.

Location: Maitencillo, Chile.
Archtectors: Fellipe Assadi, Fansisca Pulio.

9. Villa Kaleidoscope.

Looking at the Villa Kaleidoscope Japanese house design, it seems the exterior walls of the house ground and upper floors are roughly hexagonal in shape with the interior walls laid out in honeycomb design.

The kaleidoscopic house weekend house is built on a slope facing Mt. Asama in Karuizawa, Japan. This Japanese house design is based on the client request to enjoy their holiday in an environment differentiated from their urban lifestyle, by being surrounded by a number of trees.

Location: Karuizawa, Japan.
Company: Cell Space Architects.
Via Ultimate House.

10. Penthouse in Hiroshima.

The modern architecture design of this amazing penthouse in Hiroshima, Japan is all about windows. Kubota created this compact urban residence as a horizontal structure design.

Through eliminating the corner frame where two parts of glass meet and by keeping the wall transparent and the ceiling running on towards the view, Kubota Architect Atelier delivers a feeling that you may continue safely and walk on air.

Location: Hiroshima, Japan.
Company: Kubota Architect Atelier.
Via Best House Design.

11. Russian Izba Palace.

Some other masterpieces of Russian medieval wooden architecture were found abandoned.

Some of them look like they are just left – even some furniture stays on its places. The reason they are so undisturbed – it stays deep inside the Russian forests.

Location: somewhere in Russia.
Architector: unknown.
Via English Russia.