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Quitante by 20.87 estúdio

Derived from the concept space created by the studio 20.87 “Glamurama” ( São Paulo Fashion Week – Winter jan/09 )

The bookshelf is composed of plastic boxes used for transporting fruits; Base, reforested plywood with industrial castors.

quitante1 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio
quitante4 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio

glamuramaspfw2087 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio
fotos251 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio
quitante6 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio
quitante2 Quitante by 20.87 estúdio

Based in São Paulo, the 20.87 Estúdio can be translated by an factory ideas, it’s a place where concept, art and a view to the contemporary universe create things which goes to furniture to the graphics design and everything that request a forefront thinking.
The eye in the right-now-culture provides them the concern with product recycling, appropriation of industrial objects, for create new fresh things.
Dedicated to the development and ample conception of the term design, rebuilding semantics and the playful/ludic.

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Alessandro Baldasseroni

All done in 3D Studio max, Photoshop , and Zbrush. Pretty amazing stuff. More of Baldasseroni ...

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