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149 Sci-Fi Icons on One Poster

149 well-known celebrated robots, aliens and sci-fi vehicles extracted from film, television, video games, cartoons, children’s books, rock music and more. Can you find Woody Allen’s car from “Sleeper”? How about the three alien villains from “Superman” that insisted we all “kneel before Zod”? Can you find the rocker who was popular in the 70’s and 80’s that appears here as an alien?

ScienceFiction hires 149 Sci Fi Icons on One Poster

Over 150 icons of scifi were produced for three tshirt designs weRobot, alienWe and weGo. By eliminating about half the non-scifi cars from the weGo collection we had to add about 15 new robots, aliens and vehicles to get back to 149. These most of these new icons are exclusive to this screened poster.

Design comes in 3 colors screened on a 14×34″ sheet of Cosmos Black or White 80lb deckle edged poster paper. See below for an example of the design on white.

ScienceFiction hires whiteCrop 149 Sci Fi Icons on One Poster

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