Free Icons for Advanced Design

A modern web-site layout is hardly imaginable without an icon for relating Twitter or Facebook page, isn’t it? Furthermore, icons, inviting a customer to a featured YouTube channel or offering him to pay via PayPal, are also pretty common today just like immense number of those icons, which represent multiple sharing, bookmarking, social, and blogging services. Thus, as the summary of the current trends in web design we can say that having a bunch of icon sets at hand is essential for any web designer in order to make a web site look functionally rich, up-to-date, and interactive. So, following this trend Cruzine magazine offers today a gallery of free icon sets for building really advanced and brand-new looking websites. Besides, this collection contains not only icons for online services, such as Facebook, digg, Blogger, Google or Yahoo, – here you will also find sets of original emotional icons, conceptual design icons, and variety of stock icon sets.

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