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Daily Inspirations no. 224

Let’s be honest – most of the advertising we see on TV is really boring and annoying. However, do not treat all advertising equally. We have picked up some really interesting samples of visual advertising which can be anything but boring. Mobile phone, tomato sauce, and a medicine – common products to be advertised, but have a look at the advertising graphics presented within this gallery of design inspirations and you’ll see how unusual, creative, and artful advertising designers can be. Indeed, today art has gained a variety of new forms; it left the borders of traditional art galleries and penetrated into multiple spheres of human life, including those, which are not so easy to associate with art on the first sight.

di224a Daily Inspirations no. 224

di224b Daily Inspirations no. 224

di224c Daily Inspirations no. 224

di224d Daily Inspirations no. 224

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Melodie McDaniel

Melm awesome work by photographer Melodie Mcdaniel......see more images here ...

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BAMs BAMscape is a free-form seating environment commissioned by the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive. Installed ...

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