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John Mark Herskind

John Mark Herskind is a young freelance designer and illustrator from Columbia, SC. He is the founder of Designers Against Child Slavery, a non-profit art collective that uses art and design to fight sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. He is also an artist at Slashthree and Evoke. Check out his portfolio

Follow him on twitter at @jmherskind. You can also find him on behance.

hd 7a8b3eabe594612e8c0325dbd0e740ef John Mark Herskind

hd 07e1fe2316534e0253a60d695e6687f7 John Mark Herskind

hd 83625c7657c07c2ec0f6139c2144975b John Mark Herskind<img

hd a1e8de2f5cd3725680ed8dd3a34701e8 John Mark Herskind

 John Mark Herskind

 John Mark Herskind

hd 7ec121783b153e2c854fec98c84a87c8 John Mark Herskind

hd e0f54a02187f5e130d348f70e057bc74 John Mark Herskind

hd a853968b207983272be3d1f4672af8ba John Mark Herskind

hd 50db06dfa44165147fda06a1d95f1e61 John Mark Herskind

hd 5ccf78e4d5f48a2ea1bcb551b111431f John Mark Herskind

hd 8f4a7c9414ed282ba8d6d9602e824545 John Mark Herskind

hd da051f6db495c0b4c47f0865b6939df6 John Mark Herskind

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