Staggering Sand Sculptures from Around the World

Summer is the season of relaxation. What better way to spend some time in the sun, that using your creativity! I’m sure at some point of your childhood you played in the sand. Crafting sand sculptures felt fun and rewarding. Even thou that accomplishment cannot be preserved, you gained bragging rights. Kind of like getting an achievement on Xbox360. You feel a little better inside when you hear that magical sound of accomplishment.

Today we have collected some stunning sand sculptures for your inspiration. We believe their beauty encourages creativity and imagination. The saddest part of sand sculptures, is the sand. You spend hours, on something that will be let go at the end. It should be a sin to waste such concentrated effort. There must be some sort of way to preserve these wonders… duhhh cameras!

Colbert Report Sand Team

Dinosaur Sand Sculptures

Under Presure

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