Chop Shop’s Four Icons of Rock Posters

Chop Shop Rock Print Collection

All four of Chop Shop’s best-selling rock themed tshirt designs are now available as giclée prints with added decade-appropriate colors. In all 90 musicians are represented through three designs with an added design for all you Beatle people out there.

rockStar” features 28 icons of the biggest names in classic rock (1962-74). Featuring three Beatles, two Stones a Door and many other icons of the generation.

Springsteen, The Clash and some really tough ones featured in “rebelRock” (can you see Nick Drake?). Iconic musicians from the 1970s (specifically 72-82) that moved the world from the age of classic rock to the beginnings of something more eclectic.

videoRock Print

videoRock” is totally ’80s featuring 31 icons of pop, rock and alternative rockers from the Mtv generation (1980-89). Many of are easy enough to figure, but try and also name the 16 different videos featured on the sets throughout the design.

weFab Print

Finally, if the other three designs are too general there is “weFab” which celebrates all things Beatle with 62 icons related to their history and 23 icons that represent selected songs.

Of course, each design is also available in tshirt form for men and women. If you are covering your walls — the least you can do is also cover your chest.

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