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Free Nature Wallpaper “A Visitor”

Digital creatives like us tend to stay indoors or in our steel urban jungles way too long, so here’s a freebie to remind us what we’re missing out on. I designed it in a way to make you want to go outdoors, hike to someplace where you can feel the beauty of nature, and maybe encounter these humble but enchanting creatures for yourself…

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Miss Bikini Fitness Vladivostok 2012

15 Contestants pose during the “Miss Bikini Fitness 2012”. Russia, Vladivostok. April 7, 2012. Source. ...

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Three Dimensional Goldfish Sculptures Made by Layering Paint and Resin

3D-painted-goldfish-1With his pet goldfish as inspiration, Fukahori has created these unique sculptures by meticulously painting ...

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