Triumph Boneville 2.0, redesign of the classic bike by two students

Two UK design students at Northumbria University, Roy Norton and Tom Kasher, teamed up to create a retro-styled motorcycle concept based on the Triumph Bonneville platform. The concept draws inspiration from Triumph’s rich history of motorcycle design.

Fans of Triumph bikes may recognize the styling cues taken from the WWII-era Speed Twin 5T. The designer’s intent was to create a concept that borrows from the past and looks to the future. More than just a senior design project, the two designers met with Simon Warbuton, Triumph’s Product Manager. Working against a Triumph design brief, Norton and Kasher sought to create a bike that appealed to younger riders, “.. the bike that the Bonneville might have evolved into in an alternative universe..” Triumph provided the duo with a production Bonneville frame to build on.

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