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Hyperrealistic Art by Paul Cadden

It’s hard to believe that the images below are not photographs, rather they are amazingly detailed pencil drawings by Paul Cadden. (more photos here)
hyperrealistic art paul cadden 1 Hyperrealistic Art by Paul Caddenhyperrealistic art paul cadden 2 Hyperrealistic Art by Paul Cadden

Check out more photos of Hyperrealistic Art by Paul Cadden. Via Enpundit

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Tattoo Illustrations by Whitney Lenox

hippietrip598_799 Tattoo Illustrations by Whitney Lenox. Whitney Lenox is a tattoo artist based in Riverside California. More ...

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Historic Meets Contemporary in Tel-Aviv Home

contemporary-historic-home-old-jaffa-tel-Aviv-pitsou-kedem-architects-enpundit-1Israeli-based firm Pitsou Kedem Architects have restored and redesigned this historic residential home in the ...

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