10 Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfectly Timed Photos (also known as “Well-Timed Photos”) refer to photographs that are taken at opportune moments to reveal a sight of spectacle (often at high speeds) or an optical illusion, such as forced perspective.

You may be the best photographer in the world, but sometimes all it takes to take the best shot is being in the right place at the right moment. It doesn’t even matter if you take it with your cell or high-end DSLR. Often, you won’t even notice you made an incredible picture until you come home and transfer your photos to a computer.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop improving your photography skills and just wait for that one and only moment. As a popular saying goes:

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

So be prepared for it and be lucky!

Here are 10 perfectly timed photos to get you inspired.

10 Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfectly Timed 10 Photos

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