Check Blog Competition via Proxy

It seems as though every person you meet these days is starting their own blog. From its humble beginnings approximately 15 years ago, blogs are really starting to hit their stride. And what may have started as an avenue to inform, vent, or just let others know you exist, has turned into big business.

You would have to be very naïve to believe that all the billions of Internet users out there are fine, upstanding, and honorable human beings. Similarly, you would have to be among the top 1% of tech heads to believe that you are capable of stopping hackers and other Internet users from using your personal data, gleaned from the Internet, for personal gain. And don’t think the corporate gatekeepers of the Internet are much better.

It is my considered opinion, that the scourge of the Internet is the erosion of privacy that comes when surfing the Net. There are those out there who will say it is all part and parcel of the territory and there are others who voluntarily give away their privacy in the ingenuous belief that they have nothing to lose from doing this…until reality strikes home.

If you are operating a blog as a primary or secondary source of income, no doubt you are aware of the fact that there is an enormous amount of competition out in the blogosphere. After all, whenever there is money to be made, especially in these difficult economic times, there is going to be competition. If you have found a profitable little niche out there for yourself, rest assured that somebody is going to be hot on your heels, ready to share in your spoils. At that time it is not enough to just provide great content, you are going to have to start behaving like the business that you are.

If you have been blogging as a profession for any length of time then you will be aware of what is required to establish a successful blog. You will know that keywords, domains, backlinks, and site maps are at least as important as content. However, given the rapid changes constantly taking place in the blog world, on the Internet, and in the rules by which search results are ranked, it is impossible to keep track of everything all the time. Consequently, as is the case in any business, you must be constantly aware of what your competitors are doing, just as they are more than likely tracking your every move. This is a known and accepted part of business practice.

If you are being prudent in managing your blog and are tracking your competition, it is best to do so with the use of a proxy server. A proxy server enables you to surf the Net with your IP address undetected meaning that you can check your blog competition safe in the knowledge that they will not that it is you doing the “spying.”

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