Cutting Edge Business Cards: Discover How to Get the Most from Yours

Business cards are one of those marketing tools that never age. The perfect combination of personal and professional, a business card is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

While the importance of this diverse tool has never wavered, they are sometimes seen as a little ‘old school’. After all, in the age of smart phones and social media; how can they compare to swapping Twitter handles or Blackberry Pins?

Modernizing the Business Card

Cutting edge designs, out-of-the-ordinary additions, and creative shapes are just some of the ways you can get the most out of your business cards. In a competitive business world, your business cards need to do more than stand out for a moment.

They need to create a lasting impression. They need to be impossible to resist. They need to make people pick up the phone, head to your website, or buy your products.

Here are three ways you can modernize your business cards, and get the most out of them:

1. Innovative Designs

The traditional business card is a 90mm x 55mm, landscape rectangle. Simple and plain, they did the job. But in the 21st century, the rulebook has been thrown out of the window.

Something as simple as switching the orientation of the card can make yours stand out in a crowded networking event. But if you really want to make an impact, you need to do better than that.

Think outside the box with your design.

Include embossed elements, die cut details or even fold-out features. With modern business cards, anything goes. You don’t have to go over the top with your design though, sometimes less really can be more. Striping everything back to a plain card with just one or two written details may also be as effective.

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