Fractal Construction | Hudson Valley Country House

This weekend getaway in upstate New York was recently born, similar to a kit of parts and brought to this rocky, wooded plot in prefabricated pieces. They were then bolted together and once finally assembled, clad in an envelope of soft wood panels so that modern and rustic created a uniform dialect. The large double-footprint project consists of a garage connected by a sculptural bridge to the main, three-level structure built to accommodate a large, boisterous family. The house caters to the whole famly which includes an art studio/ playroom for the children and a yoga studio complemented by a terrace that provides a respite for the adults.

Linking the terraces of each of the two structures is the bridge, which commands attention all of its own. Consisting of a single tilted stanchion and cables that suspend the walkway, it takes its inspiration from the angles, orientation and axis of the main building to which it leads. Having ecological responsibility in mind, the pool eschews chlorine and other chemical cleansers in favor of an ozone filtration system. A wall of folding doors can be opened entirely onto the indoor pool with woodland views to create a single merged space that is as inviting in winter as it is in summer.

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