Google Turns Time Square in NYC Into a Photo Gallery


If you’ve always wanted your photography widely displayed in New York City’s Times Square, Google now make that happen — as long as you’re willing to add some text to your picture and participating in a marketing effort. Based in the premise that its new line of Chromebook laptops is designed for all type of users, the Californian company has launched a new campaign called For Everyone. It’s a giant photo gallery that invites the world to upload photos that answer the question, “who are Chromebooks for?”

The simple page contains an applet that lets you add a photo and then easily add a single “For” caption. Some of the captions spotted include “For Moms,” “For Science,” “For Getting Somewhere,” and “For Best Friends.”
An emotional appeal by Google, but that’s sweet little marketing science.

Once uploaded, the photos are shared through the website, and — if you’re lucky — on giant screens located in Times Square:




Some people are getting creative with the photo-sharing system. At least one guy used the promotion to proposeto his girlfriend on the big screens (presumably with a little help from Google). His caption read: “FOR TIFFANY WILL YOU MARRY ME?”:



Even if your photo is chosen for a few moments of glory in Times Square, it’ll be a bit difficult to find out unless you’re there to see the appearance for yourself, so you might need to just be content with seeing it displayed on the website for all to see.

It’s a moment of you, for ever in a moment on Times Square.

Via New York Design Agenda