Laces embroidered Tales of blood

This is the pagan story of a mother and her daughter, willing to do anything to protect her unborn child: a little baby deer. Laces and embroidery is a fairy tale drawn on fabric that becomes a winter Cardigan.
The fabric – The cardigan Navette tells a story told with intricate embroidery on fabric. Exposed for the first time at Palazzo Cusani (Parma), the design was chosen by Pinko to decorate precious Cardigan NAVETTE of the winter collection 2012/2013.

Pinko Cardigan
Italian artist Cristian Grossi comes from Salsomaggiore’s Italian Capital of Liberty: In life, a designer for advertising and fashion, with an exceptional ability to keep up with the changing balance between kitsch and formal elegance, with a passion that’s never hidden for Liberty and Art deco. Follow him on Facebook

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