Recycled Art Project by Ali Golzad

Ali Golzad is a Texas-based artist originally hailing from Göteborg, Sweden by way of Tehran, Iran and specializes in digital and reclaimed art. After college Ali decided to develop in graphic design and eventually found himself as a creative director where he has been successful for the past 10 years.

“Over the years I have developed my own technique using various mediums. Aside from my formal graphic design training and time spent as a Creative Director you could say I am a self taught artist. My urge to create while still caring for our planet enabled me to look at ordinary objects in a new light and transform these commonly discarded materials into something meaningful.” – Ali Golzad

His most recent work derives inspiration from the disparity of war and Ali’s main objective is to make a difference for those affected by tragedy and to leave my viewer questioning whether or not they are doing their part.

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