5 Tools For Working As A Freelance Designer

1. Freedom

One study found that 60 percent of interruptions at work involve the use of social media sites and other online disruptions. Stay focused on the job with Freedom, an app that will block access to the web for any amount of time. You can also block specific social media sites like Facebook, You Tube, Reddit and many others with Anti-Social, a separate app by the creators of Freedom.

2. Harvest

If you’ve ever worked on two or more design jobs at once, you know how difficult — and disruptive — it can be to keep track of time spent on each project. A time-tracking tool like Harvest allows you to track your hours at a push of a button. Harvest also works on your mobile devices, a benefit for when you’re discussing a project when you’re away from your desk. Time distribution reports will give you an idea how much time it takes you to complete certain tasks. And finally, you don’t have to switch apps to bill clients. Harvest will send invoices and can accept online payments.

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