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A must see graffiti Film – Designwars Presents Ocean of Dreams

MrDheo from Portugal finds himself fighting within his dream and waking up at the beautiful beach of “Votsalaki” at Mykonos, the beach that legendary Hercules overpowered by himself the tyranny of the Giants in a fierce battle, according to the myth. By his side he finds one of those bottles that entrap our hopes and travel around the ocean without reason or destination. Inside the bottle he finds the sketch of a mysterious beautiful girl and MrDheo sees in her eyes the perfect freedom form that is hidden deep in the ocean and is missing from our lives. Without thinking twice he jumps into the ocean to find her and she gives him a single moment of true freedom, a moment that all the money in the world cannot buy and…she vanishes again in the deep blue.

Emerging on the surface MrDheo finds himself alone in the magic oasis of Votsalaki resort and his spray cans floating on the water. He instantly depicts the look of perfect freedom on the wall and then he throws the bottle entrapping her back in the water. Maybe the next recipient manages to keep her forever with us… This night MrDheo followed his dream, even for a single moment… YOU?

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