Accelerate Your Success with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. It generates so much referral that it is a great disservice to your brand if you do not utilize it for marketing. Pinterest is only second in rank to Facebook when it comes to user engagement and as everyone knows, this is the pot of gold in Social Media Marketing. Pinterest’s demographic is predominantly female but it is growing so rapidly that the gender bias shouldn’t hold true for long.

So how do we effectively use Pinterest to market our brand/product? Let’s find out.

Let us start with the basic: The Pinboard.

In Pinterest, a user has the option to only follow certain boards of users that interests them. Unlike twitter, Pinterest allows you to categorize different interests using Pinboards.

To compliment your business, you should create pinboards for different products that you sell or services that you offer. A user looking for a certain product might only be interested in one specific category and would only be looking at following one of your boards. Having this control is a great way to target your products/service to specific audience/followers.

Bottom line is to effectively categorize your pinboard so it would reflect the different offerings that you have.

Use Visual Content

Some companies or even some individuals would have trouble in coming up with a set of images that they can utilize. This is especially true for business that offers service instead of tangible products. Here are some ways that might help you in gathering images:

Visual Content You Have
For companies, it is quite next to impossible to not have pictures of any kind. In your last company outing or party, someone might have snapped some pictures of the event. Utilize those to showcase how it is like to be in your company. You could probably label that board as “Company Culture” or something to that effect. Another possible source is your org chart. Executives or the management team must have some form of profile picture that you can use for a board entitled “Management” or “Organizational Structure”.

If you are going to pin a local image file instead of something from a website, make sure that the image is of top notch quality. The description should be…well, pretty descriptive of the picture.

Visual From Blog Articles
If you are pinning an article from your blog, make sure that the article has an image that is very relevant to it. If the blog is your own, to optimize your blog for Pinterest usage, you must make sure to include in your blog post, a good image that describes your article best. Always remember that Pinterest is all about nice imagery.

Infographics And Data Charts
Infographics are one of the most viral types of images on the web. They hold the viewers’ attention and push them to engage or participate and share.

Your company might have interesting data that can be utilized to make an infographic. If so, then create your own before someone else acts on that idea and beat you to the punch.

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