Finding Hope In Your life when you’re depressed or Feel Defeated

How many times have you asked yourself the question, “Am I happy?”? And if the answer to that is ‘No’, then you should be reading this article.

As the days pass by and the going gets tough, we tend to ponder over the things that we have and haven’t done, the choices we made and the ones we did not. Some of us took to the beaten path, took the comfortable way out and led the dream life. Others wandered down the unknown path, where life took them.

Sooner or later however, life is bound to have burdened you with expectations. And the thing about expectations, you can never live up to them. With the world orbiting faster than ever, 24 hours might seem too less. And if this makes you depressed, we have a few ways in which you can tackle it.

Learn New Stuff

One thing about depression is that it hates change. So do the thing that your depression hates. Read a new book, join a new club, go dancing, learn acting or playing the guitar. You will find that it is a welcome change. When you find that life has given up hope and nothing is going your way, this will motivate you and you will also make some new friends!

Absorb Positive Energy

Tackle the negative energy of depression with optimism. Join a yoga class, give in to spirituality, take counseling sessions or go for color therapy. When something’s bothering you, talking about it to a mental health professional can provide you with a much needed perspective. Spirituality and color therapy channelize the positive energy of the cosmos towards you while meditation enables you to focus and get rid of your inner negativity.

Write about your Feelings

Depression does not happen in a day. It’s the continuous struggle, the daily running to win a rat race that triggers it. At this point writing about what you feel and why you feel depressed can be an enormous help. I have personally found this soothing. As soon as you put ink to paper, you will have a clear sense of things. Also getting them out of your system helps radically.

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