Most Impressive Mosaics in The World

This short, but highly interesting article will guide you through some of the most impressive mosaics in the world, chosen by none other than – me! So, be advised, this is my personal view of the issue at hand. While these all may be different to one another by style, or material used, or even just the year they were made in, (yeah, some of them are quite old), there is certainly a connecting point for all of them, they all have an impressive fact attached to them, if not only visually interesting. Here is a list of some of them I chose to present to you, mosaic enthusiasts.
Mediana, Serbia

Mediana was a rather small ancient Roman settlement near modern-day city of Nish, Serbia, but is known for the fact that emperor Constantine the Great was born and lived there. Yep, that is the guy who made Christianity the mainstream religion in the Roman Empire. The whole place is littered with breathtaking mosaics, most of which, sadly, are all worn out with no or little funds to restore them, or put them out to the public at large. For now, only a few of them are put on display, but the restoring process is, as they say, largely underway.

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