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Pacifier-Shaped Bottle Opener

Pacifier Shaped Bottle Opener Bonjourlife.com0  Pacifier Shaped Bottle Opener

Pacify your thirst, open bottles with a metal baby’s dummy. Mommy’s not there to jam a bottle in your mouth every time you feel like throwing a tantrum in the supermarket, and it’s no longer acceptable to start screaming when you don’t get your own way. [Spotted at BonjourLife]

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Real Life Bits

Real-Life-Bits-Invader-Swarm "Real Life Bits" manipulation series by Jamie Sneddon and Kevin Rozario-Johnson. More "Real Life Bits" manipulations ...

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New Art Miami Welcomes International Editor Pablo Plant to its Roster

Pablo Plant, multi award-winning editor, joins New Art MiamiNew Art Miami recently signed award-winning international editor Pablo Plant to the one-stop editorial, VFX, ...

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