Salmon Sisters Eco-Friendly Apparel Makes Splash at Designed Good

This holiday season, original artwork and eco-friendly apparel seem to be a winning combination on Designed Good. The Salmon Sisters are making sweatshirts with their original Alaskan-inspired artwork. The sweatshirt below uses Alternative Earth’s eco-friendly super soft fleece sweatshirt.

The Salmon Sisters are Emma and Claire, and they are making clothes that are artistic, comfortable, good for the earth, and representative of people who are passionate about what they do. We also love their American Apparel T-shirts:

Emma and Claire are a year apart, but they both studied abroad at the same time in Italy last year. Emma took her first screen-printing class in Florence, where she made her first Rockfish print. When she came home, she started putting her print on clothing to make holiday gifts – she hasn’t stopped since. “Making new things is my favorite part,” she said.

Emma is also the fabulous designer behind our very own Designed Good T-shirts.

They’re bringing fish to the world, along with a story that ties together socially conscious design with a marine-inspired twist.

Salmon Sisters apparel is 10% off at Designed Good this week only.

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