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The connection between Delightfull world and minimalism is really mighty: it became a need to highlight our minimalistic inspirations, which feed our daily lighting ideas.

Between a house in Mantua, Italy, a studio by Kråkvik & D’Orazio, in Norway, Jotun company, also in Norway and a restaurant named Höst, in Denmark, we were rendered to their scenarios, where clean lines are mixed with nordic flavors.

Our beloved Emma was our main source of inspiration: thanks to her delightfull blog, we could assist to these really apparent cold but still intense settings.


Surreal Infrared Landscape Photography

infrared-photography-1 French photographer David Keochkerian has a talent for creating beautiful infrared landscape photographs. Continue Reading (more ...

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Grave Interruption: Building Around a Tomb in China

4 Workers lay the foundation for a residential complex around a solitary tomb site in Taiyuan, ...

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