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Child of the 90s

Internet Explorer was born in the 90s, and as they grew up, a generation known as the Millennials did too. Their design left much to be desired from its users for many years, ushering a new form of modern web browsers in the likes of Firefox and Chrome. They had a change of heart, and decided to clean up their act with the new IE10. A browser any Child of the 90s would be proud of today. Take a trip down memory lane and see if you have fond memories of these classic 90s staples: snap bracelets, yo-yo’s, bowl cuts, fanny packs & Troll dolls. #childofthe90s

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BowlCut Child of the 90s

Troll Child of the 90s

Yoyo Child of the 90s

Lunchables Child of the 90s

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