Cold Weather Wanderlust

Many believe its the beach or bust when it comes to winter travel. The cold weather will drive people people stir crazy, and an idea of wanderlust will seep into their brains. Dying for the chance to ditch their jackets, beanies and mittens for boardshorts or a skimpy bikini. Unfortunately, not all of us can just whisk ourselves off to faraway locales like San Juan, Puerto Rico. Where we would lay, bronzing in the sun for what seems like an eternity. Basking in the rays and playing in the waves on a tropical beach paradise.

If you don’t have the time — or the cash — to enjoy an international destination, there are some up-and-coming domestic locales that have been gaining traction year-over-year by garnering positive feedback on TripAdvisor. The top 5 destinations are: Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Portland, Maine; and Denver, Colorado.

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