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The Most Dirty Celebrations

Dirty, izmazyukatsya, udelal – each of these holidays can greatly expand your vocabulary on the part of “dirty” pleasures while at the same time and add adrenaline and cheer up.


the most dirty celebrations 1 The Most Dirty Celebrations
Highlight of the program: ripe tomatoes, ketchup bottles, how many would come out of a tomato, an inglorious sginuvshih over 70 years of the Spanish “Tomatina,” it is better not to count. The figure will astronomical. After all, every year at the famous Battle of tomato in Bunol their “dying” to 100 tons! But the Spaniards appreciate the fun above the vegetables. And it is precisely the “Tomatina” more than enough. Another would be: a few thousand adults once they fall into his childhood and for that – nothing. Fooling around people who are in that much: flung tomatoes, pour tomato slush, or splashing in a puddle of tomato puree. Beauty! Important not to play too long and do not forget, for what it all meant to tomato madness. And for that: for the hour, which lasts for a “battle” should “upomidorit” Bunol so that the wipers work enough for two months at least.
the most dirty celebrations 2 The Most Dirty Celebrations
A dirty girl from the tomatina celebration.


the most dirty celebrations 3 The Most Dirty Celebrations
Highlight of the program: Color Powder According to travel guides, Holi in India – a celebration of spring and the rebirth of life. But if you believe your eyes, it’s – crazy day. Nothing else is happening just can not explain. You just imagine: people sprinkle each other poisonous powder and bright with happy laughter. On this day, fooling around the whole country, and a billion Indians into a billion grimy, screaming with joy, pigs. “Well, not crazies, huh?” – Surprised those who in any subject. But for the Indians crazy – this is the one who is smeared with paint to give Holi. For people here believed, red-blue-green powder – the best guarantee of happiness for the whole next year. Like, the more color the dirt, the less you stick to every other – choose.

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