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Thirsty Script from Yellow Design Studio is a contemporary script conceived as a marriage of elements from vintage signage scripts, Wisdom Script, Deftone Stylus, and Lobster. The result is a typeface with a ‘new meets vintage’ vibe. It’s friendly with an edge…a mixture of retro script, modern sans serif, and a shot of caffeine.

Features include six weights from Light to Black, shadow layers, old-style figures, contextual alternates (for a slightly more traditional feel), multiple language support, and a handy selection of ligatures and stylistic alternates.

SHADOWS: Add depth and pop to all six weights of Thirsty Script quick & easy by duplicating the text layer and switching it to Shadow. Color and offset to taste. Download and try Thirsty Script Bold Shadow for free!

TIPS: Thirsty Shadows are nicely offset automatically, but this distance can be easily customized for all weights except Light (which is too skinny to offset further without edges peeking out). Includes ligatures that correct shadow overlap issues. In Illustrator set area type options to Em Box Height for proper shadow alignment. In Photoshop align shadows manually. hft000 thirstyscript.pr1  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr2  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr4  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr5  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr6  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr7  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr8  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONThft000 thirstyscript.pr9  THIRSTY SCRIPT FREE FONTDownload Thirsty Script Free Font

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