Best HTML5 Sites of the Month – January

This post is part of our monthly series of posts showing the most beautiful HTML5 sites selected by some of the youandsaturation’s writers and users.

HTML5 is the latest hottest thing in web design industry. After the introduction of HTML5 lot of designers tried their hands on this amazing language. Most of the web designers thinks that HTML5 can replaced Flash because of its amazing features.

HTML5 has changed the way the world of web functions. It brings forth some new features, which enhance web development. For instance, HTML5 consists of new elements, attributes, full support for CSS3, audio/video support, 2D/3D support, web storage facilities and web applications. Today, we are sharing the best HTML5 sites of January, 2013.

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html5 sites month january 1 Best HTML5 Sites of the Month – January

The Good Man

html5 sites month january 2 Best HTML5 Sites of the Month – January

Chrome Web Lab

html5 sites month january 3 Best HTML5 Sites of the Month – January

Har Du Det I Deg?

html5 sites month january 4 Best HTML5 Sites of the Month – January

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