Best Nerf Gun Mods

Today we are showcasing some of the very best heavily modified NERF guns (and other toy gun mods) that we have found across the interwebs! There are guns made for fun as a hobby, custom ordered as props for movies, or even pro nerf gun mods that are incredibly intricate with LED Lights and sound and more! There are even some guns modded by means of inspiration from video games (Halo, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Borderlands, etc!), Movies (Aliens, Starwars, District 9, etc!), and even TV Shows (Firefly!!!!) so any geek will get their saliva glands going just scrolling through these bad boys. If you are into realistic military weapons and replicas also then there are some really badass military style nerf guns as well! We even put together some resources at the end to help you modify your own nerf gun (or at least get yourself geeking out over them and trying your own hand at geeky diy crafts!), videos and awesome instructions make it easy to turn your old broken nerf gun into your next weekend DIY Project!

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