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Handu Font

Handu, designed by Alex Jacque in 2012, is an affable hand-drawn sans-serif inspired by the hand-painted type and signage on the streets of Kolkata, India. Fitting then that it come to life with brush and paint. When used for display purposes the organic, painted texture of Handu’s glyphs really shines. At smaller point-sizes the hand-drawn aesthetic still translates. Handu comes in two styles, regular and shadow. Use each independently or overlay them for a little youthful emphasis.

hft000 handu.pr1  Handu Font

hft000 handu.pr2  Handu Font

hft000 handu.pr3  Handu Font

hft000 handu.pr4  Handu Font

hft000 handu.pr5  Handu Font

hft000 handu.pr6  Handu Font

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