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Top 10 Android Apps for Students

Human race has entered the era of high technologies. Today we make use of various digital devices and software products. The competition in the field of information technologies has produced very useful things. Let’s take a look at some apps for Android that are used by students. The following list includes some out of hundreds excellent apps available for Android that will benefit any student.

google play11 Top 10 Android Apps for Students

1. Wikipedia

The most comprehensive free encyclopedia is now offline. You can browse different topics, look at pictures and find definitions very easily. Don’t forget to check the references in order to make sure that the information is credible since Wikipedia is rather an educational and not an academic project.

2. Wolfram Alpha

It was created in 2009 as an answer engine. It provides an answer to any possible question from various fields through calculation of structured information. Wolfram alpha isn’t similar to Google search; it is actually a new tool that could be used to analyze information in a prompt manner. Interestingly enough, now you can even create statistics for your own Facebook profile. The only disadvantage is that this app is not free and can be bought for $3.

3. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

This is one of the most popular dictionaries with a very long tradition dating back to the 19th century. It is completely offline. You are able to check your spelling, search for synonyms and antonyms, listen to the pronunciation of each word, etc. It also provides examples of sentences for each word.


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