What Makes a Good Magazine Layout? The Bottom Line.

Straight off the bat, I have lied to you. I don’t have the definitive answer to the question ‘What makes a good magazine layout?’, as the answer quite simply does not exist. Its similar to asking ‘what is good design?’ or ‘how to design?’ both of which are searched for on Google ‘shed loads’ and both of which, as you may have guessed, have no answer. But all of the above do feature similar characteristics and processes that could possibly lead you to some kind of solution, but the solution you allude to might not be the solution that would help Jeff, Say hi to Jeff, You keeping up? Im sure you are. Lets begin.

Setting the Foundations

Planning is key, and when it comes to designing a magazine the planning usually involves some kind of grid work. ‘Grids’ being the wireframe of your layout, these help the consistency of your design and general aesthetic. Without getting too complicated, as there is really no need to, below is a basic wireframe that I whipped together as an example.

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