A Great Combination of Free Online Tools for Web Designers

Let’s talk about Freepik.com and CSSmatic.com: a combination of tools that can really improve your work flow while saving time and money. Both tools are based on the belief that free resources can make a real difference in a designer’s life.

Freepik.com is the search engine that helps you locate high quality free graphic content. The great advantage is that results are displayed in an ordered layout for easy access, according to quality and relevance criteria so you don’t have to waste your time searching all over the Internet for the perfect free resources you need. Freepik has custom display options so you can search according to file format: photos, vectors, illustrations and PSD files. You get to see the images in thumbnail previews so you don’t have to click all the websites in the search results to decide what to download.

Cssmatic.com is a free online toolkit for web-designers that generates the codes for key CSS features, such as gradients, border design styles, noise textures and shadows. The user friendly interface makes it look like a designer’s lab and in the end all you have to do is copy and paste the generated code into the website you are working on.

By combining the two great tools you get unlimited design options and increase the productivity of your work process.

If you are not always sure about whether to use or not free image resources in a project, you can choose to purchase images from one of the most affordable microstock agencies, like Photaki.com.

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