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Dodd Mitchell Design

Dodd Mitchell is an interior designer with international acclaim. His firm has been involved with numerous hotels and restaurants around the country and internationally.

dodd3 Dodd Mitchell Design

Dodd Mitchell Design, created in 1995 by Dodd Mitchell, is a design and branding company that uses passion as its driving force to create the most enigmatic hotels and restaurants of our time. Renowned for designing spaces with earth & mind and blending the everyday with the innovative by using materials in unconventional ways, Dodd Mitchell fuses a palette of elemental and natural materials into seductive and unforgettable spaces.

dodd4 Dodd Mitchell Design

Dodd Mitchell not only creates a visual impact with his hotel and restaurant interiors, but also appeals to all of the human senses. As a design firm, Dodd Mitchell Design prides itself on successful design that binds the talents and connections of all involved in the project.

dodd1 Dodd Mitchell Design

By introducing and galvanizing people and places into successful and lasting business ventures, Dodd ensures that his projects remain relevant and successful long after opening night.

dodd2 Dodd Mitchell Design

Dodd Mitchell Design has been recognized for its unforgettable spaces with numerous awards including Hospitality Design magazine`s Best Resort and Spa Design award 2008.