Eneloop Kairo Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Cold temperatures during the winter keep us from enjoying the outdoors. Even a short walk to the convenience store can seem daunting. With Sanyo’s Eneloop Kairo rechargeable hand warmer, the thought of stepping out to the cold might just be a little easier on the mind.

The Eneloop Kairo is a stylish and palm-sized hand warmer that can be carried anywhere to keep you warm. It can be placed inside a pocket to give you warmth throughout the day.

It comes with 2 AA eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. It’s aluminum body provides heat both on the top and at the bottom. The Kairo has three heat settings: high, low, and turbo that can be adjusted according to user’s need.

The Eneloop Kairo has a micro-computerized control to ensure safe, gentle and reliable heat source. It is more environment friendly than the disposable alternatives, as it can always be recharged. This device may be a great companion to have for surviving the winter.



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