The orange dancer and other rejected works…

We all hate it when our clients reject some works of ours. Especially when we have worked hard and we have created something that we consider really good.
Thank God for the internet! Because on my Facebook page these artworks find a new life. The most successful part of my FB page are these rejected works. What about yours?

Study created during the development of an advertising campaign for an energy drink.

Fan poster for a gig in South Africa.

Proposal for the cover and back cover of a catalog of a travel agency.

Illustration for the cover of a magazine covering the best 800m race of all time and its winner, David Rudisha

Photomosaic illustration created for the summer campaign of AC Milan in 2009. It was simply impossible to be used as the team’s roaster was still not decided.

See more rejected and experimental artworks on Charis Tsevis’ Facebook page.

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