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designfever’s Visualizer created for Lexus

designfever’s Visualizer created for Lexus is a high performance visualization system that responded to user’s movements and sounds in real-time at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show.

The goal of the project was to introduce the youthful philosophies and advanced technologies of the Lexus brand, embodying their image of ‘Progressive Luxury’ and Seoul Motor Show’s theme of ‘Breathe with the People’. A high performance visualization system was created that responded to users and special performances in real-time, capturing the attention of visitors to the Seoul Motor Show while enhancing the atmosphere of Lexus’ booth.

The use of high performance technology allowed for immediate results from user interaction. A logistical system was created that could automatically match the beat of the music with visual movements. The system recognized level of brightness in relation to movement and sound to create dynamic visual outputs.

The Visualizer was easily able to capture the attention of the 1.05 million visitors at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. The combination of life performances and dynamic movements of the Visualizer could be seen from a great distance, raising interest to someone from across the exhibition hall. Upon getting closer, users quickly realized their sounds and movements directly resulted in changes in the visualizer, making them feeling truly involved and moved by the experience.

YouTube | Project Page | designfever

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