Modern coffee tables for contemporary living rooms

Eden table has proved to be a big hit with art collectors once they make a statement without dominating the space. Due to this rare fact, and for being a high-end furniture piece, we have decided to reinterpret this exclusive center table by giving it a higher custom sense and versatility.

We have created a system that can be used in varied combinations, that can be easily adapted to different needs of its users. The materials are the same: melted metal with a gold plated finish. However, each one has a different size that can be combined together in multiple ways according to your taste.

We present 3 different sets composed by mini Edens with variable heights such as 42cm, 39cm, 36cm, 33cm, 30cm, 27cm e 24 cm.

The sets we present you figure only as a suggestion. It is possible the to combine any composition and you can even choose the table according to your project needs.

These are the perfect pieces for dynamic people who devote themselves fully to creation and recreation of cosmopolitan luxury environments. Ideal to decorate clubs, hotel lobbies and contemporary living rooms, the new set allows you to refresh your home decoration whenever you want.

Just change its position!

They will look exceptional in any way!