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2014 Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie

Olympic Fail Hoodie 650x650 2014 Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie

Oh Sochi, Sochi, Sochi… 2014 was a great showing of the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony…  In case you missed it there was an electric glitch in the light animation where snowflakes were supposed to turn into the Olympic rings and one of the 5 rings unfortunately did not open.  Believe us we love and back Russia and the Winter Olympics but this was an electronic mistake that couldn’t have gone overlooked…  Ink Wells had to go ahead and make this mishap in to a fashion design statement…  With the 2014 Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie..

Find it on the Ink Wells site Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie by Ink Wells

olympic ring fail 650x433 2014 Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie

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By the way go USA!  Congrats Sage Kotsenburg for capturing the first gold in Snowboarding Slope style in Olympics history…