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Donut Doubles by Brandon Voges

1197 Donut Doubles by Brandon Voges

Ever wonder what a human head would look like if he or she was turned into a pastry? Well now you can, thanks to the works created by the photographer Brandon Voges. Some of the pictures are light and funny, while others are pretty gruesome and outright disgusting. For example, the comparison of an old lady with some chunky, orange-colored pastry coated with what looks like syrup, really makes you lose your appetite. It is a wonder how they decided to use such an unappealing picture to promote an annual food show of the National Restaurant Association.

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Penguin Books Trailer

Books are promoted awfully and movie trailers are awesome. This is unfair since all good movies are based on great books.

Jesper Bryngelsson & Christian Thomsen

Ordinary People in the World of Giant Billboards by Natan Dvir’s

Comingsoon05 650x433 Ordinary People in the World of Giant Billboards by Natan Dvir’s

Very interesting photographs showing the clash of two worlds – the advertising and reality – presented in the project titled “Coming soon” by photographer Natan Dvir. Author perfectly showed a contrast between luxury with posters and ordinary life of ordinary people. Take a look at project «Coming soon» or ordinary people in the world of luxury advertising.

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NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

137 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

New York to photograph some of the city’s best-humored taxi drivers. These drivers put a face to one of the most dedicated workforces in NYC, driving day and night to transport New Yorkers and our guests alike. This year’s calendar features three returning All-Stars and 10 new drivers, and debuts our first ever husband and wife driving duo.

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Mini Coca-Cola In Mini Kiosk

1193 Mini Coca Cola In Mini Kiosk

Coca-cola mini kiosks by ogilvy & mather berlin promote tiny coke cans. To promote the launch of its tiny coke cans, coca-cola and advertising agency ogilvy & mather berlin deployed and installed a series of miniature kiosks throughout five different major cities in germany.

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Chili Con Queso Volcano

Ever seen a volcano erupt in slow motion? What about one made of food?

Creative Directors: Brandon Friedman / Jon Gordon
Copywriter: Brandon Friedman
Art Director: Jon Gordon
Director: Carl Warner
Production Company: Frooty Films, London
Editorial: Eddie Kesler, Beast Atlanta
Color : Billy Gabor, CO3 Atlanta
VFX:/Finishing: Deron Hoffmeyer, Method Studios Atlanta
Music: Massive Music, NY
Sound Design: Gopal Swamy, Acoustech
Agency Producer: Halle Griffee

Prada Marfa: IIlegal Roadside Ad

1149 Prada Marfa: IIlegal Roadside Ad

Prada Marfa is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, situated 1.4 miles (2.3 km) northwest of Valentine, Texas, just off U.S. Highway 90 (US 90), and about 26 miles (42 km) northwest of the city of Marfa. The installation was inaugurated on October 1, 2005. The artists called the work a “pop architectural land art project.”

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The Best IKEA Advertisements You Will Ever See

ikea ad 12 650x459 The Best IKEA Advertisements You Will Ever See
IKEA has always been know for it’s clean design, easy to assemble furniture and their wide range of affordable products. IKEA also has a long history with fun engaging advertisements.

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Letters Can Kill: Ad Campaign Against Texting While Driving

1406377811 1 640x426 Letters Can Kill: Ad Campaign Against Texting While Driving
New Zealand based studio Lightfarm Studios has designed a special advertising campaign for Mitsubishi that aims to combat the urge to write text messages while driving.

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Sponsored Heroes by Roberto Vergati Santos

sponsored heroes by roberto vergati santos 9 Sponsored Heroes by Roberto Vergati Santos

Roberto Vergati Santos is the Art Director that created this series titled “Sponsored Heroes”. Considering the rise in super hero movies, I wouldn’t be surprised that at some point, we may see some of our favourite superheroes sponsored by a corporate brand.

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Yatra Campaign | Come Back Richer

5244238b8e5799cc18f48b150c650725 Yatra Campaign | Come Back Richer

We worked on a print ad campaign for which is an online travel service provider. Basic thought of the campaign is come back richer, as in when you travel you learn languages, art, know secrets, collect memories, friends, get inspired from various things, etc.

So we visualized them in the form of a 3d board game with these kind of situatiion.

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Extreme ALS ice bucket challenge

Since the phenomenon of the ALS ice bucket challenge started, the internet was loaded with videos of people pouring ice buckets over their heads everyday. It has already become exhausting and repetitive to watch these videos, but one video stands out.

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Incredible Window Displays That You Have to See!

apple store window display 650x393 Incredible Window Displays That You Have to See!

These creative window displays are meant to engage and entertain. It’s a balance of art, fashion, design and strategy. Within the past decade the lines of window displays have been blurred and they have started looking more like well thought out art installations or even scenes from a movie.

<a href="

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Praha Erotic Film Festival

Praha Erotic Film Festival feeldesain02  Praha Erotic Film Festival

Posters promoting the Erotic Film Festival in the Polish movie theatre Kino Praha. Based on iconic characters and scenes from classic blockbusters, giving them a little twist (not always a little one!).

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Glue It Jackson5 by mauricio candela 650x433 MAURICIO CANDELA PHOTOGRAPHY RECENT CAMPAIGNS
GLUE-IT Campaign for Maruri Grey.

Are they stock images? Not really. Check out behind the scenes pictures by clicking here