WWF Parallax Sequence

By manipulating still photos from the WWF archive we created these stunning slow motion shots. We have created a stand alone film by combining the ‘parallax’ shots from 2 existing films produced by AD Hoc Films for WWF.

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Creative Ads Featuring Food Items

creative ads

creative ads

Ads are very creative and conceptual nowadays to attract lost of people. This is a collection of 10 such creative ads featuring food items.

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Online store let’s you generate video ads through words

Romanian online store Mercador let’s you generate video ads through words and they even pay you if you do so. They call it: “Generatorul de anunturi” and in english “Ads Generator” … it’s a video campaign to promote their work and in my opinion they did this flawlessly. Write your word and let the application do the rest. You can see what i’m talking about if you click the fallowing link http://tinyurl.com/le5ggtf

PETA’s Billboards Feature Animals Made Of Needles

Developed by the team at Ogilvy China, PETA’s “Fur Hurts” campaign drives this message home with billboards of animals which are made of needles.  Launched in March 2013, these prickly rabbits, foxes and marmosets were made by the Shenyang University Art Department and then transferred to billboards in the Zhuozhang Shopping Center.

More at http://trendbump.com/inspiration/petas-billboards-feature-animals-needles/

Via www.facebook.com/TrendBump

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Interactive Billboards

Created by Ogilvy UK for British Airways and located in London’s Piccadilly Circus & Chiswick.

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Well-known photos redone as selfies

“Selfie” has been crowned word of the year for 2013. Really fits well with these print motifs from South Africa’s “The Cape Times”. The newspaper took on the task of reworking some very well-known photos from the past…

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“Nymphomaniac” – Controversial Trailer & Poster with Happy End

Shocking, no inhibitions, offensive – these are the reactions thus far to the newest flick from provocateur director and screenwriter Lars von Trier. “Nymphomaniac” with Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf, Willem Dafoe and Christian Slater is the third cornerstone in the “Trilogy of Depression”. The controversial film with its explicit sex scenes is slated to open in theaters on February 20 – apparently in a hard-core/soft-core version. The film itself portrays the story of a woman named Joe who recount her erotic-filled life’s story…

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Special Black Friday Poster – ResumeBaker

Black Friday Discount

ResumeBaker, the professional CV design service launches incredible Black Friday promotions and for the occasion, we made this creative poster. What do you think about it?

Get Inspired With These Incredibly Creative Attention Grabbing Flyers

Flyers are a great way to market a product or service, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on them to get great results either. Print marketing is much cheaper than the digital methods of marketing which dominate the marketing arena today such as SEO, PPC, TV & Radio Ads, but it can still produce just as fantastic results as long as your materials are well designed, attention grabbing, and engaging. I have put together this post full of tips and inspiration to help you create your own highly effective flyers to market your business or website. These tips can be applied to any type of design, not just flyers – whether you’re designing a website, a business card flyer, flyers, or a magazine ad, you should find plenty of inspiration and helpful tips & advice below.

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Minimalistic posters via @ongezondnl

Childhood is the best time of our life when we do not bother what others have to tell us, a carefree life that has no tensions and tragedies, a happy go lucky approach, no greed for more, with little we used to get satisfied, chasing the stars, sleeping with dreams in eyes, heart melting at the sight of chocolate candies, tiny soul of emotions, giggles and laughs, no feelings of hatred, vengeance, no tyrannies and pains reflected on the face, a chill life of a sweet timetable, playing in the ground, gazing at the moon, fighting with siblings and wish for the things parents refuse to give. That’s how childhood is usually spent, that’s cherishing, and that’s a real life. Isn’t? These reminiscences make us all wish to go back to the time and live those moments of bliss all over again, when no sins were harbored in mind and no malice ever crept up our hearts.

In order to take you back in those days I set my mind to put together a post that would make us recall the classic children stories in the form of minimal posters. The stories that would always remain in the conscious of ours that would create an aura of “memories”

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Fragile Childhood – Parents that are drunks as seen through their kids eyes

This organization regularly presents campaigns designed to increase awareness of alcohol abuse in families. Just so parents understand what their addiction does to their children, this campaign shows them how their own offspring perceive them – namely, as terrifying monsters…

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Sex with animals – ambivalent print ads for sexual enhancement

“Ozen” is the name of a natural impotence remedy that’s supposed to really amp up your love rocket in the sack. Thanks to what looks like some sort of X-ray vision, you can make out a human skeleton behind the “façade” of the animals. So, just add a little oomph and you turn into an animal in bed…

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NSA Scandal – Blush Berlin campaigns for more transparency…in underwear

The lingerie label from the German capital has come up with some more advertising on the subject of surveillance. Blush is now calling for a right to privacy. Since their fall / winter collection will be a little more transparent, it’s probably a good idea to continue the surveillance in the bedroom…

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“Giving” – Emotional Spot for Thai Phone Company

This short film for Thai phone company “TrueMove H” is really melting hearts and having viewers shed a few tears here and there. The film portrays the story of a small boy that steals medicine for his sick mother. 30 years later he meet up again the family who helped him out of this situation…

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Movember Moustache Ride

The Movember Moustache Ride

Moustache rides for Movember. Seriously, how can you resist this?