Buddy the dog has its heart broken in the latest Samsung ad

Screen Shot 2013 05 15 at 09.26.07 650x412 Buddy the dog has its heart broken in the latest Samsung ad

Samsung have just released their new range of high-end monitors: the Samsung Series 9 Premium Monitor.

Screen Shot 2013 05 15 at 09.27.20 650x358 Buddy the dog has its heart broken in the latest Samsung ad

Their latest ad tells the emotional story of Dan and his dog Buddy and how their world got turned upside down by an event which will not be easily forgotten.

The Advertising Campaign for Plant for the Planet

e33a4 LorenzoDuran6 The Advertising Campaign for Plant for the Planet

Communications Agency Leagas Delaney Hamburg came up with this campaign, to increase the understanding and help raise funds for a non-profit group, which focuses on the lower level of carbon in the world and promotes the transition to 100% renewable energy source.

48029 LorenzoDuran4 The Advertising Campaign for Plant for the Planet

e33a4 LorenzoDuran5 The Advertising Campaign for Plant for the Planet





2 spreads from the soon to be released REVS #7 BLAZE issue. A sneak peek to the collaboration with OLYMPUS for the release of the Pen E-P5 camera.


Classicals Behind The Classics

cargo slides logo Classicals Behind The Classics
Most of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra’s (OSB) audience is older than 65 years. To ensure its survival they needed more admirers. So, how to attract people to a music genre they don’t usually listen to?
Artplan, a brazilian independent agency from Rio de Janeiro, shot the orchestra playing classic movies themes and used You Tube to make people realize they already like classical music.
As a result there was a 40% increase of young people in the audience and all the orchestra’s concerts for this season are sold out.

Case Video:



Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB)

Art Direction
Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal, Rodrigo Lopes

Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal, Rodrigo Lopes

Web Developer
Leonardo Marçal

Web Production
Augusto Correia, Leonardo Marçal

Agency Producer
Ana Ourique

Bruno Foscaldo

Executive Creative Director
Roberto Vilhena

Creative Director
Alessandra Sadock, Gustavo Tirre

Account Executive
Ana Deccache

Account Manager
Pedro Sharp

Tiago Pinheiro

Film Production

Kiko Lomba

Samara França


Creative advertising and fashion

alen colosseo Creative advertising and fashion

Following the past advertising posts I thought of putting together something about fashion, more exactly, about those creative bunch of adverts that challenge your eyes. Ads that distance themselves from the cheapness of the hoard, from the overuse of sex appeal to give value to their products.

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Domestic violence against man

       “Domestic violence against men” is a project of public campaign showing the problem of domestic violence, specifically violence against men. Photos on the move so far absent in the media, even taboo. It is also embarrassing for men, which met this evil, and for those who are aware of this problem.

168 650x487 Domestic violence against man

The project consists of five photographs – portraits of maimed men. The heroes of this campaign have suffered painful injuries and they were burning iron, strangled, scratching her nails, have stamped his eyes and pressed his fists on his face. Imaging and very evocative of the different situation heightens the feeling of surprise, and sometimes even disgust among viewers – skin cracks like a paper, head pounding like a porcelain face is the imprint of his fist like plasticine, etc.

Until now, there was talk about the phenomenon of violence most often in the context of a woman – the victim and the men – the perpetrator, while statistics show that the phenomenon of violence by women against men is just as common. The problem of domestic violence on the part of women is ignored, marginalized, considered to be less harmful. Often violence against her husband will be ignored, because it is in terms of the perception of the majority of society. The project aims to demonstrate the problem and return to him that part of society that not even aware of its existence.

246 650x486 Domestic violence against man

332 650x486 Domestic violence against man
431 650x486 Domestic violence against man
527 650x486 Domestic violence against man
Photography by Konrad Sieroń. Konrad Sieroń is a young generation advertising photographer from Poland.

Arev Manoukian – Sony – Two Worlds

Directed by Arev Manoukian and inspired by his short film Nuit Blanche, Sony Two World  is a video short showcasing cinematic art with the power of 3D.

article 72154 650x351 Arev Manoukian – Sony – Two Worlds

See the romantic video HERE!

Ricardo Salamanca portfolio

With an outstanding creative and digital treatment capacity, Ricardo’s work is a reference point for advertising photography.

More stuff
4429 Ricardo Salamanca portfolio

4439 Ricardo Salamanca portfolio

4440 Ricardo Salamanca portfolio

Honda – Le Centaure – Version Française

Nous avons tous connu la peur. Honda rend hommage aux pilotes qui bravent chaque année leurs peurs pour prendre le départ de l’Enduropale du Touquet.



31 best prints “Against Smoking”

172 31 best prints “Against Smoking”

Let’s have a look at the best advertising courses dedicated to the fight against smoking.

613 31 best prints “Against Smoking”

281 31 best prints “Against Smoking”


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Fiero Animals Update

Fiero Animals is a creative retouching and CGi studio specializing in production of high quality commercial CG and photo based imagery for the advertising.

5A40Fd01 Fiero Animals Update

217ECd01 Fiero Animals Update

ADC26d01 Fiero Animals Update

More photos

Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

An innovative billboard design can be very hard to miss and attract attention from miles around. Check out these 15 brilliantly creative examples…

Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising. Large and prominently placed, ad agencies are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to use them to grab the attention and imagination of their target audience. The following brilliantly creative examples of billboard design do exactly that. Which is your favourite?

Black Tower Home Security

brilliant examples of billboard advertising 1 Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

TBWA/Vancouver prove that people do, indeed, steal in this brilliant campaign for Black Tower Security.

In a campaign for Black Tower security, advertising agency TBWA/Vancouver demonstrated that some people will take whatever they can get their hands on.

The agency lined a 10x20ft billboard with sought-after household items like framed paintings, rugs, pillows, and cookware on a Friday afternoon. By the end of the weekend, the board was bare, revealing the campaign’s simple anti-theft message: ‘People Steal. Black Tower Home Security’.

Sky Discovery Channel

brilliant examples of billboard advertising 2 Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

This original, wind-powered billboard design was created by advertising agency DDB New Zealand.

This eye-catching design for the Discovery Channel was developed by advertising agency DDB New Zealand.

A working model, the design replicated a circuit board demonstrating how various different elements work – the wind turbine powering the batteries, which stored power until the display read ‘full’, activating the neon lights and finally the light box revealing the Discovery logo.

Check out these brilliantly creative examples at funofart.com

Nissan Cube – Symmetry Sucks

Humans aren’t symmetrical, why should their cars be?

nissan 650x447 Nissan Cube   Symmetry Sucks

More symmetry?

“Reporters Without Borders” Give Dictators the Finger

135 “Reporters Without Borders” Give Dictators the Finger

“In honor of Friday’s World Press Freedom Day, the non-governmental organization Reporters sans frontières (Reporters Without Borders) launched a campaign depicting world-famous dictators giving everyone the finger, or the international equivalent thereof.

Agence France Press interviewed the group’s leader, Christophe Deloire, who said that that they want to show how these “predators against press freedom” – the 39 worst according to the group’s own accounting – “make a mockery of press freedom and their own people”.

The group’s analysis of press freedom around the world lists some well known dictators as among the worst: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the new Chinese President Xi Jinping, but it also lists the United States’ press freedoms as only in a “satisfactory situation”. (By comparison, Canada’s press freedom is graded as a “good situation”.)

In 1991, the United Nations established World Press Freedom Day, which “serves as an occasion to inform citizens of violations of press freedom – a reminder that in dozens of countries around the world, publications are censored, fined, suspended and closed down, while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked, detained and even murdered”. – Kay Steiger. (Photos by Vincent Bousserez/Benoit Tessier/Reuters/Reporters Without Borders)

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