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Utopic Signs Motion Graphics Designer Kevin O’Rourke

The Integrated Broadcast/Digital Media Company Adds Award-Winning Multl-Disciplined Artist To Its Team Of Talent

Chicago: Utopic president, Jan Maitland, announced today that award-winning motion graphics artist Kevin O’Rourke has joined the hybrid digital media company’s roster of talent.
A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan, O’Rourke is a multi-disciplined artist whose motion graphics work brings his mastery of animation, digital and traditional illustration, special effects, contemporary and classic design, typography and cell animation to a diverse body of work in the commercial, broadcast and digital arenas.

Formerly a designer at Red Car/Chicago, the Grand Rapids-born artist’s work has garnered national recognition across multiple platforms. The AICP selected O’Rourke as a finalist in the Best Design category in 2010 for ‘The Drop,’ a design-driven piece featured in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2012 he received another nod in the same category for NEXTEK’ a spot out of Team Detroit, alongside Utopic’s Ryan Gilbert and Joe Minick, for the spot they created for NBC5’s ‘City.’ O’Rourke also created the graphics package for New Animal Production’s Emmy nominated programs ‘Third Reich: The Rise and Fall,’ and ‘9/11: Three Days After’ for The History Channel. He received the 2007 Caddy Award for ‘Strike Team’ – a self-promotional motion design/illustration piece, and in 2009 he took home the Real Detroit Weekly Award for Best Cover Artist for the ‘Best of Detroit 2009 Issue.’

Prior to his three and a half stint at Red Car, O’Rourke honed his skills as senior designer at Univeral Images/Detroit from 2008 to 2010, and Postique/Detroit, from 2002 to 2007. As a resident artist at Fulton Street Collective, a co-op for a new generation of Chicago artists whose work bridges multiple disciples, he melds the spirit and vitality of his work in advertising with his graphic design sensibility to create an eclectic mix of prints – from concert posters for groups like Sonic Youth and Ween, to a series of over 30 posters for The Detroit Derby Girls.

“As an artist I really thrive on being part of a collaborative team, and Utopic presented a unique opportunity to work with full roster of talent – from editors, animators and FX artists to directors and sound designers,” says O’Rourke. “It provides a creative environment without boundaries, and approaches each job as a collective with a shared passion and vision – and a very creativity-driven mindset that was very appealing to me.”

“Utopic has evolved into a hybrid broadcast/digital media company, and expanding our staff with the addition of top-caliber multi-disciplined talent is key to our continued growth,” says Maitland. “Kevin’s work as an innovative motion design and multi-media artist has made him one of Chicago’s stand-out talents. I’ve been a big fan of his work for years. His forward-thinking aesthetic and scope of talent add yet another dimension to Utopic’s capabilities – and I’m thrilled to have him onboard.”

“Utopic is all about finding fresh, innovative ways to use a mix of mediums to create bold, innovative content that crosses multiple platforms,” adds partner, Tim Kloehn. “Kevin is a pioneering artist who shares that commitment. He’s a perfect fit with our vision – and our talented team.”

Kevin O’Rourke’s client roster includes, J. Walter Thomson/Team Detroit, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Draft FCB, Campbell Ewald, Doner, Global Ewald. His work in the commercial arena includes motion design, illustration and art direction for the Nintendo spot ‘Hero’ (Leo Burnett USA,) and ‘Butter Berger’ for Culver’s (New Media Campaign,) to name a few. He also designed broadcast packages for clients, such as The Discovery Channel and The History Channel, and his print work includes, ‘Taras In Three Colors’ and ‘Pretty Face’ for ‘Art Prize.’

About Utopic:
Utopic is an award-winning one-stop hybrid broadcast/digital company dedicated to providing agencies and brands with multi-platform integrated VFX, editorial, production, audio and interactive services. Its collaborative consortium of artists and producers offer a seamless approach to everything from traditional broadcast commercials and promos to complex interactive rich media, web content, mobile apps and virals. Utopic’s mix of work includes broadcast spots and digital media content for clients such as Samsung, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Toyota, GM, NBC, Kraft, Shelterbox and Sears, to name a few.
For more information about Kevin O’Rourke and Utopic’s services, contact heather Mitchell, heather@utopic.net, or call 312-836-9000.

‘Staying Civil Right Down the Line’ Campaign

The RATP Group is the world’s fifth largest public transport company operating all modes of collective mobility – bus, metro, trains and trams. With over 10 million passengers riding the RATP public transport networks daily, incivilities are a major source of concern for the company. 83% of the residents of the Greater Paris region feel that it is the RATP’s role to encourage passengers to behave properly, and 90% are in favour of a communications campaign on passenger behaviour being conducted in all of RATP’s public transport networks.

With today’s new communications campaign “Staying civil right down the line”, RATP is pursuing its commitment to speak out against incivilities in public transport.

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Bucharest not Budapest

When 400 people with tickets to a game in Bucharest, Romania, end up flying to Budapest, you call that a BIG confusion, coming from very disoriented people. When the map doesn’t help anymore, the people at ROM decided to take action through words and with the help of the internet and end the confusion.

Watch this video and then go to Bucharest not Budapest for more info and share this with all your non-Romanian friends!

30+ Creative Advertisements Which Will Make You Laugh

Think out of the box is the concept that most advertising agencies have begun to follow. But, thoughts are not the only thing that goes into a creative advertisement. Getting that design imprinted on a piece of paper is what designers across the globe do.

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A Wide Range of Advertising Opportunities for Small Business

So you have a brilliant idea and decided to create a company around it. Starting and managing a business is a daunting task in itself. One of the key aspects of getting a small business off the ground and actually keeping consistent sales is to employ advertising strategies. Advertising is absolutely essential to increasing the outreach of your products or services, as well as expand awareness of the business itself. With the recent surge of modern advertising techniques that are relatively new methods, many business owners aren’t aware of the opportunities that are available to them.

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Sao Paulo – Poster

The poster is created by Cristiano Siqueira. He said this is a poster design I created for the Behance Portfolio Reviews of São Paulo. I’ve been invited to be one of the “portfolio reviewers” and I’ll be there looking at illustration portfolios.

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Sao Paulino – Before Anything Else

Soccer is arguably the biggest sport in the world and team loyalties run thicker than blood, a concept that comes into play in São-Paulo Football Club’s latest ads. Ars Thanea was approached by Young & Rubicam Sao Paulo to produce two key visuals for their “Before Anything Else, São-Paulino” campaign. In case you’re not familiar, são-paulino is the term used for fans of the team and for them, soccer is life. The concept for the ads was to show a são-paulino tearing away his skin to reveal a São-Paulo Football Club jersey.

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40 Stunning Advertisements That Will Leave You Speechless

This article is a collection of inspiring advertisements. Advertising is one of the most important thing for the promotion of any product or service. Without proper advertisement you can’t make your product reach to your customers. Advertise industry has grown so much in the past few years. Lots of designers are coming into the industry with new ideas. When I see some advertisement hoardings or newspaper ads I can’t stop myself from admiring the designer of that advertisement.

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Calvin Klein: “Downtown” Ad Directed by David Fincher – shot on RED EPIC Monochrome

Watch: Calvin Klein “Downtown”
Calvin Klein: Downtown starring Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) was directed by David Fincher and shot on RED EPIC Monochrome.

What makes a good animation good?

Learning to fly


I took us around 15 iterations and over 2 months till we were done with animation for our project. We took it seriously. So I thought I will share my knowledge gained in the process. Here are the main points I learned:


Keep it short! No one likes to watch long videos about the things or ideas they never heard about. Best length is under a minute.
Have one clear message you want your audience to receive. Not two, one! If you can’t say all the essence in one message, go back to your drawing board.
Make it fun! Everyone wants to have some fun ;)


Did we succeed in that? Check it out yourself: https://www.keenjar.com/page/about/1-why-keenjar/

Collection of 20 Creative Advertisement

Advertisements are almost anything imaginable in the world of advertising, since it is a combined power of photography, photo manipulation, and computer graphics. Although all ads are not interesting or creative, companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising for major events. But only a few ads stand out.

In this article you can see advertisements from advertising firms and companies around the globe. They are selected for being interesting, clever, or in some cases, outright strange.

Sitting on Earth

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20 Surrealistic Advertising for Inspiration

These surrealistic ads show that incorporating fantasy into your advertising strategy can give you a strategic advantage

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Honda “Hands”

Honda celebrate 65 years of research and developpement with this ads “Honda Hands

42 Vintage Radio Adverts from 1920-30s Czechoslovakia

A selection of different brands appears in this selection of Vintage illustrations representing a nostalgic walk through advertising interwar Czechoslovakia dedicated to the Radio.

More Images at Doctor Ojiplático