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OMO: Tribes of Ethiopia

omo tribes of ethiopia 10 OMO: Tribes of Ethiopia

Images from a 10 days trip to the OMO valley in Ethiopia. I recently held an exhibition for these photographs in Shoreditch, London.

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belgian motion designer / director KITCHHOCK updates with new work:
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Screen Shot 2013 04 04 at 13.25.37 650x781 KITCHHOCK



landscape part i 10 LANDSCAPE   PART I

The first Part of a long landscape serie I chosed to shoot in very high definition. A work about the action of humans in diverse types of environments; void of activity or full of information. Deserts and metropolises, the North to South, a contemplative view of the world, with no specific location globally… a panoramic story of earth and man.

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Improve your healthcare services with Hospital Information system

A healthcare facility spends quite a significant amount of time and energy in dealing with various technicalities and formalities. These activities, in spite of being important elements in maintaining the uniformity and segregation of daily tasks and functions, nevertheless, are time consuming. The time spent in their execution can be spent in better ways, like dealing with patients or reviewing the present state of services. The more the medical staff is able to spend their time and energy on the patients, the better will be the quality of treatment received by the patients.

To save this precious time, it is not uncommon in today’s world of healthcare industry employing the services of information technology to share the workload. This also helps in simplifying processes like maintaining and accessing records, administrative work and more. The major concern of any hospital would be to provide high quality of healthcare services to its patients. At the same time ensuring that the errors are minimal is critical to the end result of all those activities forming the part of a patient’s treatment is a must. A slight mistake can endanger the life of an individual and this can never be a positive sign for the reputation of any healthcare organization.

Hospital information management system is aimed at providing easy access to various information needed at the time of emergencies or other purposes resulting in marked improvement in communication with the patient and the staff that in turn helps in minimizing errors occurring due to misinterpretation of data or information.

The major headache is of course how to minimize input costs without compromising with the quality of services. The use of healthcare information management systems can help one in keeping a check on the usage of resources like lab equipments, medicines, improved efficiency and staff management etc. The long term effect of such a system in place can drastically result in enhanced patient experience and better functioning of the facility as a whole with lesser amount of people needed to run the hospital.

Quanta WebHIMS is a comprehensive Hospital management Information software designed for all types of healthcare facilities in different settings providing user-friendly interface designed by highly experienced and leading software architects. The simplicity of usage in turn helps in unraveling the complexities of daily operations and eliminating the usage of paper using advance healthcare information management system.


The epic and spectacular new TV spot of Samsung directed by Romain Gavras

samsungcharge The epic and spectacular new TV spot of Samsung directed by Romain Gavras
Watch: Samsung – “Charge” Directed by Romain Gavras
“Charge” Directed by Romain Gavras demonstrates the new state-of-the-art Smart Recommendation technology from Samsung. Created by Neil Clarke & Jay Phillips and Directed by Romain Gavras the epic 90” spot features a spectacular, headlong stampede of TV content.


Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World

Vintage advertising posters of beer from around the world

Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World 1 Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World

Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World 2 Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World

Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World 7 Vintage Advertising Posters of Beer From Around The World

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Webdesign inspiration of the week: Special websites

editascasting Webdesign inspiration of the week: Special websites

There are so many websites out there, that present and want to sell you something, that makes you lose count. But in that rumble there are some that grab your attention and show you something different. So, instead of telling you what makes them special, why not just let you see for yourself. Enjoy!

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Vintage Pepsi Advertisments

A collection of vintage Pepsi advertisments

Vintage Pepsi Advertisments 1 Vintage Pepsi Advertisments

Vintage Pepsi Advertisments 6 Vintage Pepsi Advertisments

Vintage Pepsi Advertisments 8 Vintage Pepsi Advertisments

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101+ design and creative ads of March 2013


Psychology Behind Colors: Picking the Right Color for Your Brand Positioning

Marketing is an audience-centric kind of communication. Therefore, you need to know how your target market or audience thinks, what attracts them, and what makes them react. That is why we can say that psychology plays a good role in marketing a brand. In what other ways can you apply psychology in business? In your brand positioning of course!

STARBUCKS Psychology Behind Colors: Picking the Right Color for Your Brand Positioning
This color is associated mainly with growth and vitality. That is why green is the color choice for brands that usually cater to the youth. It also signifies freshness, calm, balance, and nurturing.

coca cola Psychology Behind Colors: Picking the Right Color for Your Brand Positioning
It is the color of excitement, power, energy, passion, desire, strength, drive, and confidence among everything else. It is very good for catching the attention, hence most street and road signage are in red.

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[spoof] Apple’s new product, Somersby Cider

somersby cider by carslberg [spoof] Apples new product, Somersby Cider

Apple’s newest product, feel the excitement for Somersby the new cider brand from Carlsberg. :D
Check the campaign video on ‘After the Circle‘ facebook page.


Commercial Portfolio

commercial portfolio 04 Commercial Portfolio

The images in this portfolio were photographed and retouched by William Castellana. He is living in New York, NY, USA.

commercial portfolio 02 Commercial Portfolio

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Free bold fonts

This is new collection of free bold fonts, headlines are our selection

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Futurr Free bold fonts

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Upsko Footwear – New campaign

upsko solo 650x408 Upsko Footwear   New campaign

Upsko Footwear present the new campaign : Up’ward inspiration. You can find every news on Upsko Footwear

856656 417680601660178 1828779841 o 650x433 Upsko Footwear   New campaign

043 650x487 Upsko Footwear   New campaign

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Exploding Fruit

exploding fruit 03 Exploding Fruit

On a few occasions I have been asked to explode fruit digitally, as the result is far more aesthetically pleasing than if this was to be carried out using pyrotechnics.

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