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Braun – Hairy Sound

194 Braun   Hairy Sound

The sound of music is one of the greatest experiences in life. One that is often taken for granted. The real beauty of music lies in good sound quality, that could be damaged by unwanted ear hair. Muted and fuzzy sound can be the result.

To make people aware of this problem and their need for an ear trimmer, we visualised hairy sound, encouraging people to free their ears, get rid of these unwanted hairs and enjoy the undistorted beauty of pure sound.

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25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

Usually shopping bags have a logo or the name of the company on the bag. But what if you could gain attention of potential customers without actually having to talk to them?

Bagvertising has been around for several years. The idea of using a bag as an opportunity to market to new potential customers is pretty clever. In theory this type of advertising captures real people on the street and internet surfers who enjoy creativity. Today we collected twenty-five awesome bag advertisements from across the web. We hope you’ll find them inspiring. Enjoy!

craftsman tools drill bag11 25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

4a19003e4c08d806b9f79dae703cbc2411 650x402 25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

shopping bag ads xray11 25 Creative Shopping Bag Advertisements

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Graffiti-Inspired ‘Sangue Bom’ Advertisement by Romeu & Julieta Studio

sangue bom advertisment romeu and julieta studio 650x327 Graffiti Inspired Sangue Bom Advertisement by Romeu & Julieta Studio

Brazil-based Illustration and animation studio Romeu & Julieta designed this cleverly executed, graffiti-inspired advertisement for ‘Rede Globo’ to promote their recently aired ‘Sangue Bom’ TV series.

(View enlarged version and close-ups at What an ART!!!)

Ural Motorcycles: Break Out

169 Ural Motorcycles: Break Out

Routine, boredom, office slavery and chains of marriage – this is not about people who ride bikes. Ural motorcycle sets you free. It helps you get away from all this, and gives you absolute freedom.

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Koltco Urala Bank: Mother-in-Law

To borrow money from your relatives is ural style, especially, if you do it in secret from them. Sometimes it could be risky and even dangerous, especially if you borrow from your mother-in-law. But every story ends with a happy ending with the russian bank “Koltso Urala”.

“Next Day You’ll be Okay”

128 Next Day Youll be Okay

Advertising campaign for Alka-Seltzer (BAYER) – ‘Next day you’ll be okay’, created by BBDO Russia. The aim of this print campaign is to convince the consumer that they should take Alka-Seltzer after the party and don’t lose the next day.

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Nike Hypervenom

Nike Hypervenom is a range of football boots developed by American sportswear manufacturers Nike and it was first released on May 27th 2013 coming under the category of agility.

To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail – Michael Jordan.

tumblr mnvysgLT591qiqf01o1 500 To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail   Michael Jordan.

To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail – Michael Jordan.

By Jay Mug

Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

Did you ever need a ramp for your luggage (or bike), or a shelter from a sudden downpour, or a place to sit down and tie your shoe?
IBM believes that city life can be awfully inconvenient–and that cities should be designed with the needs of ordinary citizens in mind.

smart ideas cities feel desain1 Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

smart ideas cities feel desain 2 Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

Many brands talk about making their communications output useful, but they’re usually talking about apps or other digital or social programs. IBM has taken the idea of utility and applied it to the traditional outdoor ad. The company has launched a series of outdoor ads that double as functional surfaces for the “People For Smarter Cities Project.” The goal of this campaign, created in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather France, is to encourage forward-thinking citizens and local leaders to consider how to make their neighborhoods “smarter” and, therefore, better.

More Photos and Video Here – Feel Desain

Funny and Smartest Ads Of May

Getty Images Funny and Smartest Ads Of May

smart new ads for Getty Images. Some really creative work commercials ads of May

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Creative Advertising for Your Inspiration #6

This week, we come with the advertising from brand names such as McCafe, Heinz, John West, McDonal, Pizza Hut … As usual, almost the outstanding works below, have tried to convey the messages from brand to their target audience by the most impressive ways they can.

barbecue 650x919 Creative Advertising for Your Inspiration #6
heinz BURGER 650x459 Creative Advertising for Your Inspiration #6
iesu4 650x487 Creative Advertising for Your Inspiration #6
Perfume 2 650x986 Creative Advertising for Your Inspiration #6

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Depositphotos’ Stock Files Licenses

Stock Files Licenses 650x366 Depositphotos’ Stock Files Licenses
Just like the other microstock agencies on the internet, Depositphotos also has licenses which are applied to all stock files they sold. This license is a kind of usage policy for the buyers of how they should use the stock files which have been bought from this site.
Depositphotos has two licenses: Standard License and Extended License. The Standard License gives permission to the buyers to use the purchased stock file for the creation of various kinds of items, except items for resale or items for free distribution. Meanwhile, the Extended License can give you that. It allows the buyers to use the purchased stock file for creating items for resale or free distribution where the stock file is very important and has a major role.

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Beautiful Vintage Camera Adverts

Because today’s high-tech and fast-paced world has made it easier to find and learn about cameras, we don’t usually find elaborate printed camera ads anymore. Several decades ago, people can only find information about cameras mostly in printed materials such as newspapers and magazines While most of today’s camera ads are quite plain and straight-forward, vintage camera ads of decades past evidently leaned towards a more creative and communicative approach. Potential buyers are drawn to a particular analogue beauty through unique illustrations, catchy taglines, and persuasive descriptions.

Many of these vintage camera ads are as classic as the cameras themselves, still able to mesmerize camera-loving people. Today, many vintage enthusiasts and camera collectors are looking for prints of these ads to include their collections and photography memorabilia. Why don’t we take a look at some of them now to see if they can still work their charm and get us to go on an analogue camera hunt?

canon AE 1 slr Beautiful Vintage Camera Adverts

contax RTS Beautiful Vintage Camera Adverts

kodak brownie starmatic Beautiful Vintage Camera Adverts

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Brushman : Shaving brush packaging design

Brushman003  Brushman : Shaving brush packaging design
It’s good to be a man. It’s also good to have a clean-shaved face. However, it’s no good forcing yourself to shave every single day. Cause it may seem boring. For those who got sick of their shaving routine, we made this amazing shaving-brush called Brushman.

Brushman is a unique design solution that will make your shaving experience more fun and less boring. Once you get a Brushman you get a little helper. You won’t ignore it at a supermarket; it’ll be lying amidst the pile of other plain brushes and calling for you to try it.
Try it. And the girls will try you.
Brushman001  Brushman : Shaving brush packaging design

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150+ design and creative ads of May 2013