Prada Marfa: IIlegal Roadside Ad


Prada Marfa is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, situated 1.4 miles (2.3 km) northwest of Valentine, Texas, just off U.S. Highway 90 (US 90), and about 26 miles (42 km) northwest of the city of Marfa. The installation was inaugurated on October 1, 2005. The artists called the work a “pop architectural land art project.”

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The Best IKEA Advertisements You Will Ever See

IKEA has always been know for it’s clean design, easy to assemble furniture and their wide range of affordable products. IKEA also has a long history with fun engaging advertisements.

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Letters Can Kill: Ad Campaign Against Texting While Driving

New Zealand based studio Lightfarm Studios has designed a special advertising campaign for Mitsubishi that aims to combat the urge to write text messages while driving.

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Sponsored Heroes by Roberto Vergati Santos


Roberto Vergati Santos is the Art Director that created this series titled “Sponsored Heroes”. Considering the rise in super hero movies, I wouldn’t be surprised that at some point, we may see some of our favourite superheroes sponsored by a corporate brand.

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Yatra Campaign | Come Back Richer


We worked on a print ad campaign for which is an online travel service provider. Basic thought of the campaign is come back richer, as in when you travel you learn languages, art, know secrets, collect memories, friends, get inspired from various things, etc.

So we visualized them in the form of a 3d board game with these kind of situatiion.

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Extreme ALS ice bucket challenge

Since the phenomenon of the ALS ice bucket challenge started, the internet was loaded with videos of people pouring ice buckets over their heads everyday. It has already become exhausting and repetitive to watch these videos, but one video stands out.

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Incredible Window Displays That You Have to See!


These creative window displays are meant to engage and entertain. It’s a balance of art, fashion, design and strategy. Within the past decade the lines of window displays have been blurred and they have started looking more like well thought out art installations or even scenes from a movie.

<a href="

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Praha Erotic Film Festival


Posters promoting the Erotic Film Festival in the Polish movie theatre Kino Praha. Based on iconic characters and scenes from classic blockbusters, giving them a little twist (not always a little one!).

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GLUE-IT Campaign for Maruri Grey.

Are they stock images? Not really. Check out behind the scenes pictures by clicking here


Eating habits by Zomato

Eating habits | Zomato Feeldesain1

There are plenty of people in this world. And they all have different tastes when it comes to a lot of things. Or do they? The following ad campaign from Zomato, a website and app for foodies, says that actually there are only two kinds of people. And Zomato doesn’t just do it through one poster, they have a whole series of ads that support this.

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You Will Not Believe How These 30 Famous Brands Got Their Names


Most people don’t realize how famous brands got their names. As an everyday consumer we just use these products without thinking twice. Every company has their story of how they came to be and of the people that took the first steps in creating a product or service.

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Fish Love: Celebrities Posing Naked with Fish

For the Fish Love campaign, initiated to reduce illegal fishing practices, photographer Denis Rouvre took photos of various naked celebrities accompanied by fish.

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Stunning Jeep Adverts That Reveal Hidden Animals When Images Flipped Upside Down


Creative agency Leo Burnett France created this clever ad campaign for Jeep, the illustrations reveal a second hidden animal when the images are turned upside-down.

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Influential Public Awareness Ads with Glimpse of Creativity

Public Awareness Ads

Advertisements are a world where imagination goes beyond universe. It’s also an effective way for public awareness with glimpse of creativity. We know that the world we live in is an ugly place. Crimes, wars, social problems & problems within us. So advertising comes up & introduces some Influential public awareness ads with glimpse of creativity.

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35+ Creative Advertisements Which Will Make You Laugh

funny advertisements

David Ogilvy, the father of creative advertising has said, “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Here are those followings, 30+ creative advertisements which make you laugh hard & not let you forget product. These ads might be weird but are the best example of out of box thinking.

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