LIFEPROOF by Mike Campau and Tim Tadder

Mike Campau and Tim Tadder
A new series of images created for Lifeproof by Digital Artist Mike Campau and Photographer Tim Tadder.

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Museum Uses Brilliant Ads To Get You Excited About Science

Science people have all the brains, even when it comes to a spot of advertising. Wanting to engage the public with science —in a way that was both thought-provoking and fun—Vancouver’s Science World teamed up with creative agency Rethink Canada to produce these very clever ads. No need to double check these quirky facts, they’re all scientifically verified, promise.

“You have 20sq. feet of skin.” – If this creeps you out, you’re in good company.

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Creative Advertisements That You’ll Love


When you ask your self what is the objective of creativity in advertisements? The advertisement is one of the best thing that drive the attentions of people eyes, but the target of the creativity is to find the best solutions and new ideas that suitable to fix the marketing issues, in simple word it’s the creativity is the base of the advertisements.

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Creative Car Advertising Ideas

Well, when it come to ads its better to know that creativity is a must here, not only visually, its a complex combination between the way its finalized, and how it spreads the message, the idea of the ad plays a very important role here, its a matter of knowledge also. Today we presented collection of creative car advertising ideas.

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A Razor Brand is Trying to Dispel the ‘Sexy Beard’ Myth with Ads Showing Rodents Clinging to Men’s Faces

Beats By Dre: The Game Before The Game

beats 04

“Before the goals, before the glory, there is an unseen game played in the locker room.” That’s what Beats By Dre showed us in this amazing 5 minute sport ad. Starring Neymar, Fabregas from Spain, Suarez from Uruguay, Chicharito Hernandez from Mexico, Ferdinand, Gotze, Sagna,Van Persie, among others; and with great cameos from non-soccer stars like LeBron James, Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams and Lil Wayne.

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Water-Cleaning Billboard by Shokubutsu HANA

Shokubutsu HANA, a beauty brand that believes in the restorative powers of nature, joins the fight to help bring Pasig River back to life with an ad that does more than just send a message. A water-cleaning billboard was created—the first of its kind. Its design and words make use of Vetiver, a plant capable of absorbing wastewater. It is a billboard made of nature, powered by nature, created to preserve nature.

With the help of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and Vetiver Farms, the billboard was constructed and placed on the Estero de San Miguel in Manila. Its unique placement enabled it to speak directly to passers-by right when they looked at the waterway.

The brand, along with advertising agency TBWA\ Santiago Mangada Puno are working on more water-cleaning billboards to be implemented acrossother sections of the river to help in its rehabilitation.

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Skullcandy New Ad: Music And Football

skullcandy 04

Skullcandy just joined to the brands that relate to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in their ads. They launch a new campaign that creates an link between their headphones and soccer stadiums. Where the Music of Football Plays!, they claim.

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Domino’s Steady Pizza. The end of delivery fails.

Imagine a motorcycle making a turn. And another curve. Then, imagine it going uphill. And also downhill. Now, imagine that, besides all the movements of the bike, the pizzas inside the trunk hardly moved. That’s what Steady Pizza is all about. A stabilizatin mechanism that keeps the pizzas balanced, protecting them from hard turns, slopes, speed bumps, holes etc.

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62% OFF: 8 Premium Resume Templates Bundle

Modern Resumes

You are applying for the dream job position of your life and want to make the best first impression but you’re having a hard time choosing a resume template? Don’t hesitate anymore, for a very limited time, you can get 8 premium modern resume templates for a tiny resume bundle price.

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Creative Shopping Bag Designs For Inspiration

Nowadays shopping bags are an integral part of any BTL campaign, not only because its form or size, or even strong printing technique, but also because bags are a good publicity tool; when people are moving around, that’s why advertisers should take into consideration the way how they put messages and artworks on their bags.

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Lego And The Greatest Artist In New Lego Brilliant Graphic Campaign

lego art 02

Lego make again a brilliant collection of graphic pieces. In this occasion, inspired in great history artists, they create some of the famous paintings as Lego canvas.

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Wooden Shark Coffins by Handsome Wong

Handsome Wong and Y&R Shanghai agency created this installation illustrating a shark in a coffin to attract public attention to the killing sharks problem.

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Advertising Photography by Romain Laurent

French photographer Romain Laurent is known for his superb work, and is often contracted by ad agencies. Laurent’s technique of fixing his subjects to the camera rotation immediately caught my attention – it’s amazing what a new perspective can bring to a relatively linear subject matter.

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McDonald’s Unveils the Simplest Ads It’s Ever Made

Last summer, #TBWA Paris unveiled a bold campaign for #McDonald’s that consisted entirely of classic menu items photographed up close—with no branding at all. (Did somebody say McDonald’s? Not in those ads.)

Now, agency and client are back with a follow-up campaign that, in a way, is even more minimalist. Instead of the actual products, now we get clean, simple drawings of the products—turning them into actual icons. There is a bit more explicit branding on these, though, but it’s still very subtle—a tiny Golden Arches next to the illustrations.

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