Pornhub Will Use One Of These Clever Ads In Its First National Ad Campaign

Those who have been waiting with bated breath for the results of Pornhub’s SFW advertising contest were assuaged today with the unveiling of 15 finalists. And there’s quite the smattering of innuendo and suggestion in this batch, featuring a few videos, some clever image and word plays, and some that almost literally spell it out.
To those just tuning in, the site challenged the world to make G-rated, family-friendly ads for the site in March. Check out the finalists below and vote on PornHub’s SFW tumblr.
Here’s hoping this contest has a happy ending.

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‘Welcome to Wales’

A front view of an MTV pop-up billboard depicting The Valley TV Reality Stars Natalee Harris, Lateysha Grace and Jenna Jonathan on February 23, 2014 in Abergavenny, Wales.

A CHEEKY alternative ‘Welcome to Wales’ sign on the A465 Welsh border has been setting male commuter’s hearts racing. The pop-up billboard, which was installed on Sunday morning (Feb 23), carries the phrase ‘Hello Boyos’ – a cheeky nod to the iconic Wonderbra ads of the mid 90s. Erected by MTV bosses to celebrate the third season of reality TV show The Valleys, which hits TV screens on Tuesday night at 10pm on MTV, the eye-popping sign features three of the show’s biggest stars Natalee Harris, Lateysha Grace and Jenna Jonathan in racy underwear. The striking design is being trialled on the A465 on the Welsh border, but is due to be rolled out at several crossings into Wales later this week in advance of the new series airing.

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Loveflutter posters

Once shunned by the faint hearted, on-line dating is now a massive industry but often promoted with cliches and stereotypes. Havas Worldwide London have created a stunning new campaign for who try and match the quirky & interesting among us.

Using artists and illustrators to give the humble brown paper bag vivid makeovers, would-be suiters are hidden to great effect as these intriguing ads highlight that blind dates are often more successful if based on personality rather than looks alone.

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The Tombras Group Once Again Partners With Porchlight Director Peter Zavadil For ‘The Note,’ A Mother’s Day Spot That Delivers A Simple Story With Big Emotional Impact

Nashville, TN: The Tombras Group has once again tapped into Porchlight director Peter Zavadil’s talent for delivering simple, slice-of-life stories with strong emotional impact for ‘The Note.’ The 60-second spot for Food City pays homage to moms – reminding us all what makes them special – just in time for Mother’s Day.

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What to give to the people who has already everything?

To congratulate some of the wealthiest people in Czech Republic for their success and wish them an successful year, Forbes sent a very distinctive direct mail: A 24k golden pill. They invited them to swallow the golden pill to find out what Forbes stands for. As the human body doesn’t digest gold, the pill literally makes you sh*t gold.

Pretty gold, err, i mean pretty bold! Would you press the flush?

‘Wildlife Selfies’ by National Geographic

National Geographic asked Heads agency in Sao Paulo in Brazil, to make posters of animals doing selfies with their mobile phones in front of their bedroom, elevator and bathroom’s mirrors. A funny campaign leaded by Silvio Medeiros and Pedro Galdi.

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Amazing Billboard Advertising Examples

Today post about billboard advertising, we did hand pick and collected 20 amazing billboard advertising examples for inspiration, they must catch your attention. clever and awesome billboard advertising examples.

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Safety First! Condom Mashups by Kode Logic

These creative Funny condoms really do get the point across in a very entertaining way. Featured in this creative series are video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and superheroes like Batman and Superman. These condom ads are the creative work of Kode, a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. Kode first started drawing when he was 6 years old and later applied his efforts to onto a digital platform. Kode Has his own unique style that is both very current and colourful. Have a look below to view his fun and clever condom mashups. Enjoy!

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Kiss TV – Without Music

Creative And Amazing Advertisements

Today we present the latest findings from the wonderful world of creative and amazing advertizements for your inspiration.

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The Revenge of the Champagne

For centuries, champagne bottles have been smashed against the hulls of ships-their precious content lost forever. Finally revenge was taken when a ship was smashed against the world’s largest Champagne bottle.

Braille Clothing Tags – Rip Curl Pro Store Warsaw

Havas Worldwide Warsaw came up with a creative way for the visually impaired to see colors of their clothing. Together with Rip Curl Pro Store Warsaw, who wanted to emphasize the power of color in its newest collection, the agency came up with a simple solution, which should be available in every store worldwide: Braille Clothing Tags.

The tags are made of fabric and are attached to clothing. They are readable both for the visually impaired and for people with sight. The visually impaired can sew the tag into the clothing and never wonder again what color they are wearing – sewing is a simple manual action that every visually impaired can easily perform.

Colors are important for everyone, especially for the visually impaired. We believe we are starting a revolution and other brands/retailers will follow. We have shown how simple and easy it is. In addition, the agency shot a video promoting the action, featuring Paweł Urbański the first Polish visually impaired to climb Kilimanjaro.

Beautiful Destruction

To promote the most popular burrito at Moe’s, we incorporated three of our favorite things: fresh ingredients, art and destruction.

Nice idea for recruiting graphic designers

This agency hid a recruitment ad in a specially engineered font.
Nice one.

Modern Celebrities Into Vintage Ads

Paris-based art director David Redon has put a unique spin on vintage ads by inserting modern-day celebrities into them.

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