Beautiful Destruction

To promote the most popular burrito at Moe’s, we incorporated three of our favorite things: fresh ingredients, art and destruction.

Nice idea for recruiting graphic designers

This agency hid a recruitment ad in a specially engineered font.
Nice one.

Modern Celebrities Into Vintage Ads

Paris-based art director David Redon has put a unique spin on vintage ads by inserting modern-day celebrities into them.

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As i Am

Great commercial for Sinner, their new campaign As I Am is turned into a amazing video including World Champion Kite Surfing Kevin Langeree, World Champion Wakeboarden Maxine Sapulette, DJ and Music Producer Carita la Nina and Artist Freek Hakvoort. The commercial was made by Studio Raar from Amsterdam.

The Spirit of Seville by Molton Brown

Blended in 1984, Molton Brown’s iconic Orange & Bergamot Hand Wash, inspired by the vibrant city of Seville, is now celebrating its 30th anniversary as one of the brand’s most lively fragrances.

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The Mystery Social Network


On April first a series of peculiar photos began popping up on the social networks. Images with peculiar captions suggest that this is a sort of new social network. Still, no website has been released… so no one knows yet how exactly to “get networked”. However, the Orwellian confidence of the catchy slogans makes readers want to know more about the intriguing and mysterious network.

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Gruesome Creative Stationary Designs by Jacques Pense

Jacques Pense is the Executive Creative Director at Interone. He has created this set of creative stationary designs for the horror channel in Germany, 13th Street. Just by looking at these designs you can see how much thought and effort was put into creating these horrific pieces. Jacques won a slew of awards for this series including; New York Festivals, ADC Germany, ADC Europe and D&AD.

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‘Stop the Violence, Don’t Speed’ Ad Campaign

The ‘Stop the Violence’ advertising campaign by Brazilian agency Terremoto Propaganda aims to reduce the risk of accidents on the road. The visually grabbing print campaign shows a vehicle painted on the face of one person and the fist of another, drawing the comparison between what is widely known to be intentional violence, such as punching someone in the face, with what many incorrectly consider unintentional, like speeding or unsafe lane changes. Let us know what you think about this campaign in the comments below.

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Cookie Run in Real Life

dtac, the telecom operator in Thailand has launched the promotion campaign for Line Cookie Run players. And promote with new style of Cookie Run visuals in concept of ‘Cookie Run in Real Life’.

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Creative Double Spread Magazine Advertisements

Advertising School: SVA New York, USA

When you want to step it up a notch and push the boundaries of advertising consider creating some double spread magazine advertisements. Every company wants to be noticed, that’s basically the point of advertising. Magazine advertisements allow you to reach highly targeted audiences because of the their specific topics of interest. 

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PRINT: Fat can’t hide

Great advertising for the Kingdom of Sports fitness centers with the slogan “Fat can’t hide”…

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PRINT: Don’t worry, live dangerously with Mercedes-Benz

The ads are designed by Jung von Matt to hype the PRE-SAFE Brake, an emergency braking system from Mercedes. Safer driving even when things get dangerous…

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PRINT: “Get your sofa back” – Crispy Sofas in a Vorwerk AD

The print campaign from the Kolle Rebbe agency in Hamburg for vacuum cleaner manufacturer Vorwerk definitely makes you curious…

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Casetagram x Color Of Life Branding
This collaborational pro-cess was formed by creative individuals who are REBELS in there own way and they create what they want but with PASSION. Not only did we create The REBEL but we also wanted to create different cases to show the influence it has on us and culture.

Coca-cola Zero Pranks Strangers by Adding Zero

There you are, just spending a lazy afternoon fishing with your friend. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple of people also enjoying the day. All of a sudden, 54 people show up out of the blue cheering you on and encouraging you catch the biggest fish!

On March 3rd, that’s just what the creative folks over at Coca-Cola did to promote Coke Zero in their “Just Add Zero” marketing campaign. The premise of the campaign is that everything is better when you add zero.

Watch as 6 spectators become 60, and 60 quickly become 600, turning the unsuspecting protagonists into idols while supporter madness breaks out around them.