РЖД | Russian Railways

LLC “Russian Railways” on behalf of the Russian government acted as one of the main contractors for the preparation of the Sochi region for the XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. Development of transport infrastructure in Sochi in preparation for the 2014 Olympics has become one of the most significant falls in the Russian transport construction, which laid the basis for the practical implementation of such projects all over the country.

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Where’s Lenny? Premier Inn’s Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed Campaign

Comedian Lenny Henry, also famous for being Premier Inn’s ambassador, recently embarked on a quite unusual trip around the UK, snuggled up in a Premier Inn bed as part of the brand’s biggest campaign to date – which comprises a TV ad supported by press, outdoor and digital activity to promote their range of hotels across the UK and their Good Night’s Sleep Guaranteed promise.

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30 Inappropriate Sexy Ads

Lynx Wash Me

If advertisements don’t catch your attention within seconds it is waste of money. Companies spend lot of money to catch your attention and there’s no second chance at making a good first impression. It’s the creativity in the ads that can capture the attention of an audience. Sometimes they also make use of explicit sexual imagery that can give you nightmares. Here is collection of adverts using such images which can be inappropriate.

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Morpheus returns in brilliant Matrix-style Kia Super Bowl Ad

Morpheus is making a comeback in Kia’s brilliant Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial for its K900 luxury sedan. The brilliant ad was directed by Carl Erik Rinsch (47 Ronin) & Colin Jeffery and DPed by Christopher Soos, CSC.

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Prints for Global Agency: Politicians’ secrets revealed

Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama – they all have skeletons in the closet. Sometime, it’s all gonna come out. Like now. Global Agency, who market TV series and films, have decided to reveal the dark secrets behind these powerful people…

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D&AD previews White Pencil award for newest film in ‘I Wish I’d Done That’ series

D&AD has introduced an international flavour to its acclaimed ‘I Wish I’d Done That’ series with the release of a new film featuring the Chief Creative Officer and Partner of Naked, Fernanda Romano.

The Brazilian creative has chosen a White Pencil-contender in the altruistic exploits of Director Casey Neistat, who flipped the script when handed a $25,000 budget to promote the big-screen blockbuster The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Given the concept of ‘live your dreams’, Neistat instead asked to travel to the Philippines and use the money to deliver aid to victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan disaster.

Despite the heart-wrenching scenes, Neistat delivered over 10,000 meals, tools to 35 villages and medicine to local health organisations – all the while more than fulfilling the ‘live your dreams’ brief Twentieth Century Fox had handed to him.

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60 Clever and Creative Condom ads

When it comes to making an ad for a condom, I think copywriters and art directors must be getting enthusiastic towards their work as we can see lots of good work. Here are some 60 clever and creative condom ads which are not only sexy but also have some humor element added to it. Enjoy and do share it!!!

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Running Gag

Beautifully Illustrated Ads From The 1950s

Internet has become source of inspiration and one can find tons of inspiring advertisements easily. Today we are showcasing some interesting advertisements from the era we might not have been through to remember.What’s interesting  is how much advertising can tell us about the targeted consumer populations. Compare the things these ads convey to the Pepsi ads today. Made in the 50s, these all promote ideas of superior status, affluence, class and high taste to the consumer which makes perfect sense considering America had just won the war, the baby boomers were thriving and the economy was booming.

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CANDY CAN | Andy Wolf Eyewear Ad Campaign 2013/14

Andy Wolf Eyewear is an Austrian company, founded 2006 by three friends to produce classic and contemporary frames for individuals. As Andy Wolf Eyewear’s new collection is all about the most beautiful, we were looking for the perfection in the companion for the ad campaign 2013/14. We demanded the peak of beauty. And found Candy, a natural good looking, but oh so unbelievable fucking hot and delicious model. Besides flawless Candy, the Andy Wolf friends seem like dolls. But take a closer look – and you will find out who the real doll is.

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Hermès Advertising Campaign 2014

Famous French fashion house Hermès presented their new collection for SPRING-SUMMER 2014. Models Diana Moldovan and Yumi Lambert took part in beautiful advertising campaign of this collection. The author of this photosession is Hans Silvester.

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Cara Delevingne, A$AP Rocky and others for DKNY Advertising Campaign

Models Cara Delevingne, Eliza Cummings and Jourdan Dunn took part in colorful advertising campaign of DKNY SPRING-SUMMER 2014. Also skater Dylan Rieder and popular rapper A$AP Rocky joined them.

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35+ Creative Advertisements Which Will Make You Laugh

funny advertisements
David Ogilvy, the father of creative advertising has said, “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Here are those followings, 30+ creative advertisements which make you laugh hard & not let you forget product. These ads might be weird but are the best example of out of box thinking.

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Discover the Most Creative Advertising around the World

Creative Ad Awards is one of the best advertising archive, serving all the advertising fan and others who need it. Worrying about experiencing Ads with poor quality? You will feel comfortable here, because we are keeping to providing you with the world’s most creative and sophisticated ads. All the collected ads follow the concept of SIMPLE (Simple, Involving, Memorable, Purchase Intention, Linkage with brand, Enjoyable), so that they will, absolutely, intoxicate rather than revolt you.

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Dolce & Gabbana Advertising Campaign SPRING 2014

This photosession for Dolce & Gabbana Advertising Campaign SPRING 2014 made by Domenico Dolce who one of the founders of D&G. Models who took part : Eva Herzigova, Catherine McNeil, Bianca Balti, Evandro Soldati, Noah Mills, Tony Ward etc.

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